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CAE - Thermal Projects

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ID Project Title Action
CT001 Thermal and structural analysis of vented and normal disc brake rotors
CT002 Steady-state thermal stress analysis of gearbox casing by finite element method
CT003 Design & Analysis of Fins with Various Configurations
CT004 Thermal Analysis of Al6063 & Sic with various compositions
CT005 Thermal analysis of steam turbine
CT006 Analysis of Square and Circular Perforated Fin Arrays by Forced Convection.
CT007 Thermal analysis Al 6063 and Sic with various compositions.
CT008 Analysis of Heat Pipe for face mill cutter
CT009 Thermal analysis of an exhaust manifold of a multi cylinder engine
CT010 Thermal analysis of Manganese Bakelite composites
CT011 Enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filled with boron nitride particles
CT012 Thermal analysis of composite piston
CT013 Evaluation of Heat Transfer Rate and Their Effects in Spherical Pressure Vessels Subjected to Internal Pressure.
CT014 Thermal analysis of Disk Brake rotor disk.
CT015 Heat Insulation Analysis of an Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Structure.
CT016 Analysis of Nano fluid in Heat Exchanger
CT017 Thermal analysis of cylinder head gasket
CT018 Thermal analysis of heat pipe and its applications
CT019 Calculating heat transfer rate of cylinder fin body by varying geometry and material
CT020 3D thermal analysis of liquid propellant rocket with bell nozzle
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