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ID Project Title Action
CF001 CFD Analysis for flow through Chimney
CF002 CFD Analysis Of Fin With Hole And Without hole
CF003 Design & CFD Analysis of Modified Screw Engine
CF004 CFD Analysis for T-Joint
CF005 Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Design Using CFD Tools
CF006 Computational analysis of intake manifold in Diesel engine CFD
CF007 Computational analysis of Catalytic converter- CFD
CF008 Design & CFD simulation of wind tunnel
CF009 Analysis Of Thermal Distribution In Radiator Using CFD
CF010 Design & CFD simulation of Ramjet
CF011 Performance Evaluation Of Heat-Sink With Pin-Fins Of Varying Configurations Using Cfd Simulations
CF012 Computational study of turbofan inlets.
CF013 Measuring Lift & Drag Forces for a Flow Over Formula1 Cars Rear Wing
CF014 Winglet Design validation - CFD
CF015 Design and Analysis Of A Ceramic Heat-Exchanger Using Cfd Simulations
CF016 Aerodynamics of the New concept & Helps in Reducing the Design Cycle
CF017 CFD analysis of airfoil. Iterate for different angle of attack. Investigate multi-element designs.
CF018 Design of helmet for bicycle racer for minimum drag using CFD simulation. Just start with 2D simulations. Will be difficult to code for 3D.
CF019 Design And Analysis of Aerospike Nozzle For Air Augmented Rocket
CF020 CFD Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Impeller Using ANSYS-CFX
CF021 CFD Analysis of Automobile Radiator
CF022 CFD analysis of rocket nozzle
CF023 Flow analysis through a car body to estimate the drag characteristics by using CFD.
CF024 CFD Simulations to Examine Natural Ventilation of a class room in a building
CF025 CFD Analysis for a Mini Heat Exchanger
CF026 CFD Analysis of Power Plant Vent Silencer.
CF027 CFD Analysis for Intake and Exhaust Manifold.
CF028 CFD Analysis for Circular 3D Nozzle.
CF029 CFD Analysis for Nozzle with Grooves Design & Analysis of Pressure Vessels as per ASME FEA
CF030 Predicting performance of radial flow type impeller of centrifugal pump using CFD
CF031 CFD analysis of enhancement of heat transfer coefficient by using permeable fins.
CF032 Modeling and analysis of car wash on the go.
CF033 CFD Analysis of Automobile Radiator
CF034 CFD analysis of a Helical baffled Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
CF035 Performance Analysis of Centrifugal Impeller of Various Designs and Validation of Results by CFD
CF036 CFD Analysis of Flow through Venture of a Carburetor
CF037 CFD Analysis of Screw Shaft Engine
CF038 CFD analysis of rocket nozzle
CF039 Aerodynamics design for cars
CF040 Design and analysis of oscillating ball throwing machine
CF041 Computational analysis of intake manifold design of diesel engine for light commercial vehicle.
CF042 Design & CFD simulation of Scramjet Engine.
CF043 Design & CFD simulation of Axial Flow compressor
CF044 Design Optimization (CFD) of Aircraft Wings.
CF045 Flow Simulation on Nose cone Re-entry vehicle- CFD.
CF046 CFD Analysis for Silencer with different shapes of Perforations.
CF047 CFD Optimization of Compressor blade for axial spacing.
CF048 CFD Analysis for Centrifuge Casting.
CF049 Experimental Investigation of Flow Mal distribution in Micro channels.
CF050 CFD analysis of aerodynamics drags reduction and improves fuel economy.
CF051 Nodal analysis of a control surface using FEM.
CF052 FEA Structural analysis of a high performance wing.
CF053 Investigation on the effect of splitter plates to enhance characteristics of flow around cylinder.
CF054 Design and analysis of scramjet combustion chamber.
CF055 Experimental studies on mixing in concurrent cold jets.
CF056 Shock boundary layer interaction studies using CFD
CF057 Aerodynamic flow control studies of a wall jet using Triple Deck Theory (TDT)
CF058 Using Lumped vortex element (LVM) method to predict the aerodynamic performance of an aerofoil
CF059 Design of a high performance swept wing using CFD
CF060 Effects of leading edge blowing on transonic flow over open cavity
CF061 Experimental evaluation of a MAV wing using subsonic wind tunnel
CF062 Drag reduction of an aircraft after body using passive devices Experimental and numerical studies
CF063 Design and analysis of a high thrust parabolic nozzle using method of characteristics and CFD.
CF064 Numerical optimization of airfoils for a high performance low speed aircraft.
CF065 Design of a jet powered UAV.
CF066 Design of cross flow injection system to enhance mixing in a supersonic flow
CF067 Fluid structure interaction studied at wing body junction
CF068 Analysis of buffeting of aircraft wing using FEM
CF069 CFD analysis of thrust vectoring nozzle
CF070 Load Estimation of a Helicopter blade using CFD
CF071 CFD Analysis of Cooling from Exhaust Using Vortex Tube
CF072 Computational analysis for heat transfer through fins with different types of notches
CF073 CFD Analysis of aerofoil in a single seat car
CF074 CFD simulation of injection mixer for CNG engines
CF075 Fluid flow and temperature distribution in radiators use in automobiles
CF076 CFD Analysis of Modified Vortex Tube Refrigeration in Automobiles
CF077 CFD Analysis of Enhancement of heat transfer coefficient by using permeable fins (Natural Convection)
CF078 Modeling, Animation & CFD Analysis of wash on the go
CF079 Design & Analysis of Aero spike nozzle for an air augmented rocket engine
CF080 Analysis of Impeller using Aluminum Composite (CFD)
CF081 Effect of twisted-tape inserts on heat transfer in a tube
CF082 To conduct the performance on chiller unit by using Nanofluid cooled condenser
CF083 Computational fluid dynamics approach for prediction of cyclone separator pressure drop
CF084 CFD on different passages over a plate coil evaporator for 40 liter storage type water cooler
CF085 CFD analysis of aerodynamic drags reduction and improves fuel economy
CF086 Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of intermediate pressure steam turbine
CF087 Computational analysis of centrifugal compressor with grooves on casing
CF088 CFD analysis of an RC aircraft wing
CF089 Validation of plate heat exchanger design using CFD
CF090 CFD design study of a circulation control inlet guide vane of an aerofoil
CF091 CFD studies on flow over wing with and without de-icing
CF092 Conceptual design for two seater single engine air plane
CF093 Design and development of one kg unmanned aerial vehicle.
CF094 Numerical evaluation of flow over blunt body with mass addition in a hypersonic flow.
CF095 Understanding the flow physics of Cascade blades
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