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ID Project Title Action
CM001 Design of Hybrid Air Engine
CM002 Design & Animation of Wind Mill with Diffuser Chamber & Tail
CM003 Design & Animation of Tilting Three Wheeler with a Hybrid System
CM004 Design & Animation of Step Climber with Leveling Unit
CM005 Design & Animation for Multi-Purpose Agro machine
CM006 Design and animation of Solar Water Purifier Using Thermal Method Parabolic Disc Type
CM007 Design & Animation of Joystick Controlled Car Mechanism for Physically Handicapped Person
CM008 Design of Pumped Storage Micro Hydro Power Plant
CM009 Design & Animation of Auto Pneumatic Disc Breaking System
CM010 Design & Animation of Electro Magnetic Suspension
CM011 Design & Animation of Button Operated Electro Magnetic Gear Shifting System for Two Wheeler
CM012 Design & Animation of Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Pneumatic Shaping M/C
CM013 Design & Animation of Compressed Air Engine
CM014 Design & Animation of rubber tapping machine
CM015 Design & Animation of Assistive Limb technology For Physically .Challenged People
CM016 Design & Animation of Railway Accident Avoiding System (Level Crosier & Fire Alarm)
CM017 Design & Animation of Remote Controlled Bomb Detecting Robert
CM018 Design & Animation of Solar Air Cooler cum Heater
CM019 Design & Animation of Pendulum Based Water Pumping System
CM020 Design & Animation of Hybrid Two Wheeler
CM021 Design and animation of multipurpose liver operated handicapped wheel chair
CM022 Design and animation of four In 1 Air Conditioner
CM023 Design and animation of Power Generation from Staircase Using Rack & Pinion mechanism
CM024 Design & Animation of Refrigeration Using Exhaust Heat from Engine
CM025 Design & Animation of Electro Magnetic Engine
CM026 Modeling animation of self-balancing vehicle
CM027 Modeling animation of Violent elephant controlling mechanism
CM028 Modeling animation of Cricket ball shooter for armatures
CM029 Modeling animation of Flapping wing uav bionic bird model
CM030 Modeling animation of Smart blind stick wheel base
CM031 Modeling animation of Calendar machine
CM031 Design & Animation of 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper
CM032 Modeling animation of coin separator
CM033 Modeling animation of Coconut tree climbing robot
CM034 Modeling animation of Multipurpose pneumatic crushing machine
CM035 Modeling animation of biomass Gasifier with power generation
CM036 Modeling animation of Dual side water pumping system by using scotch yoke mechanism
CM037 Modeling animation of a low cost surface finishing machine
CM038 Modeling animation of Airborne wind turbine energy system
CM039 Modeling animation of Pneumatic brick handling machine
CM040 Modeling animation of Fruit ripening for farmers
CM041 Modeling animation of Scale removal device for bore well piper and hoses
CM042 Modeling animation of Stroke therapy chair
CM043 Modeling animation of Coconut grater and milk extraction machine
CM044 Modeling animation of Tilt and roll bed
CM045 Modeling animation of Pneumatic automatic gear changer -
CM046 Modeling animation of Gradopter-hovercraft
CM047 Modeling animation of standing wheel chair
CM048 Modeling animation of Swing electricity generation system
CM049 Modeling animation of Stewarts platform
CM050 Modeling animation of rotating vice in milling machine
CM051 Modeling animation of Brick handling machine
CM052 Design & Animation of Petrol Engine with Water Injection
CM053 Design for Sterling Engine
CM054 Design & Animation of Water Fuel Engine with Power Generation
CM055 Design & Animation of Duel Power Generation System for Automobile (Thermo Electric + Exhaust Gas)
CM056 Design & Animation of Foot Step Power Generation
CM057 Animation of vehicle safety system under driver fatigue
CM058 Animation of Water Fuel Engine (Petrol & Hydrogen)
CM059 Design & Animation of Three Axis Modern Trailer (Pneumatic)
CM060 Modeling & Animation of Compressed air vehicle
CM061 Modeling & Animation of 3-Axis Modern Pneumatic Trailer
CM062 Modeling & Animation of Square Hole Drilling Machine
CM063 Modeling & Animation of Six Axis Material Handling System
CM064 Modeling & Animation of Hub less cycle
CM066 Modeling & Animation of Under Water Robot
CM067 Modeling & Animation of Performance Analysis in flat finned automatic radiator using Nano fluid
CM068 Modeling & Animation of High Performance Vehicle
CM069 Modeling & Animation of Low Cost Sugarcane Harvester
CM070 Modeling & Animation of Electro Magnetic Gear Transmission for two wheeler
CM071 Modeling & Animation of Wind and Solar Energy Vehicle
CM072 Modeling & Animation of Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant
CM073 Design & Animation of firefighting robot
CM074 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Injection Molding Machine
CM075 Modeling & Animation of Chain Hooks Separator & Pressing machine
CM075 Modeling & Animation of Tamble cycle using renewable & regeneration of electricity cycle
CM076 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Classroom Board Cleaner
CM077 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Pneumatic Emergency Exit
CM078 Modeling & Animation of Bicycle Powered Refrigerator
CM079 Modeling & Animation of Generation of Electricity from Ocean Waves using Rack & Pinion Mechanism
CM080 Animation of Pneumatic Powered Bicycle
CM081 Animation of Salt water converted into purified drinking water by using Pedal power
CM082 Modeling & Animation of Pedal / Motor Operated Paddy Thresher
CM083 Modeling & Animation of Score Stove
CM084 Modeling & Animation of Pedal Operated Vertical Hacksaw Machine
CM085 Modeling & Animation of Intelligent Active Suspension system for two wheeler
CM086 Modeling & Animation of Refrigeration using free energy motor
CM087 Modeling & Animation of Osmotic Power Plant
CM088 Modeling & Animation of Electro-Hydraulic composite Brake System
CM089 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Hydraulic Lifting of Four Wheeler
CM090 Modeling & Animation of Automated Gear Transmission for Two Wheeler
CM091 Modeling & Animation of Green power using wind solar & water
CM092 Modeling & Animation of Water Cooler cum Air Conditioner
CM093 Modeling & Animation of Pedal Powered Water Pump
CM094 Modeling and Animation Portable smoke exhaust system
CM095 Modeling & Animation of Coconut Dehiscing Machine
CM096 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Tire pressure Inflation System
CM097 Modeling & Animation of KERS in bicycle
CM098 Model & Animation of Spiral Punching machine using cam Shaft
CM099 Modeling & Animation of Anti-lock Braking System
CM100 Model & Animation of Pneumatic Multi Axis Welding Machine
CM101 Model & Animation of Gear Cutting Attachment for Lathe
CM102 Modeling & Animation of Areca nut Climbing and Cutting Machine
CM103 Model & Animation Automatic open well cleaning machine
CM104 Design and animation of Pneumatic belt conveyor
CM105 Design and animation of hydraulic vice
CM106 Design and animation of automatic guided vehicle
CM107 Design and animation of Bio-Diesel Extraction from Waste Plastic Material
CM108 Modeling and Animation of Tri Axial Tipper
CM109 Modeling & Animation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
CM110 Modeling animation of Efficycle
CM111 Modeling animation of double acting hacksaw using scotch yack mechanism
CM112 Modeling animation of solar power aircraft
CM113 Modeling animation of theojanson mechanism
CM114 Modeling animation of automatic bed cum wheelchair and report
CM115 Modeling animation of slow speed retraction hump
CM116 Modeling animation of friction testing machine
CM117 Modeling animation of automated pet feeder
CM118 Modeling analysis of foldable helmet and casing
CM119 Modeling animation of pepper thresher machine
CM120 Modeling animation of electrode flux remover
CM121 Modeling animation of Waste oil burning power generation system report
CM122 Modeling animation of Automatic tool retrieval system
CM123 Modeling animation of Energy harvesting shock absorber using mechanical motion rectifier
CM124 Modeling animation of automated hybrid drilling machine
CM125 Modeling animation of Automatic pneumatic vice & jack with drilling operation
CM126 Modeling animation of semi-automatic plant trimmer
CM127 Modeling animation of Solar operated automatic seed sowing machine
CM128 Modeling animation of Drainage cleaning machine
CM129 Modeling animation of Semi-automated stair climbing wheel chair
CM130 Modeling animation of Worm & worm gear for va-8 actuated control valve
CM132 Design & Animation of Differential Locking System
CM133 Design & Animation of Highway Wind Turbine
CM134 Design & Animation of Belt Drive with A Clamping System
CM135 Design & Animation of Four Wheel Steering Mechanism Link and Liver Mechanism
CM136 Modeling & Animation of Solar Powered Pesticide Spraying Machine
CM137 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Tree Climbing Machine
CM138 Design & Animation of Multiengine (Triangular) air compressor
CM139 Modeling & Animation of Cycle with Propeller Shaft
CM140 Design & Animation of Multi-functional Windmill
CM141 Design & Animation of Multi Nut Tighter Cum Loosened
CM142 Modeling & Animation of Solar Refrigeration System (TEG)
CM143 Modeling and Animation of Coconut Tree Climbing Machine
CM144 Modeling and Animation of Child Retrieval Machine
CM145 Modeling & Animation of Thermo Electric Cooling Jacket
CM146 Modeling & Animation of Quad Processing Machine
CM147 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Spray Painting Machine
CM148 Modeling & Animation of Highway Wind Turbine
CM149 Modeling & Animation of Remote Controlled oil Skimmer Robot for Marine Application
CM150 Modeling & Animation of Turbocharger with Zero Turbo Lag
CM151 Modeling & Animation of Intelligent Braking System
CM152 Modeling & Animation of Friction Stir Welding Machine
CM153 Modeling & Animation of Diesel Automatic Two Wheeler
CM154 Modeling & Animation of Electro Magnetic Braking System
CM155 Modeling & Animation of Ginger feeding & Cutting
CM156 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Pneumatic Stamping Equipment
CM157 Modeling & Animation of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
CM158 Modeling & Animation of Pneumatic Tricycle with Modification
CM159 Modeling & Animation of Mono-Wheel Bike
CM160 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Core Dipping Process Using Robot
CM161 Modeling & Animation of Automatic Sheet metal cutter by pneumatic actuator
CM162 Modeling animation of Automatic portable groundnut planting machine
CM163 Design of radiation finned bonnet fixture
CM164 Modeling animation of Modified crash guard
CM165 Modeling animation of Self-propelled cutter suction dredger with bow thruster
CM166 Modeling animation of Laterite stone cutting & shaping machine
CM167 Modeling animation of Plastic recycling machine
CM168 Modeling animation of Automatic dish wash dryer
CM169 Modeling animation of Segway bike
CM170 Rotary smart car parking system
CM171 Aero plane controlling system
CM172 Modeling animation of Floating wind turbine
CM173 Modeling animation of Desiccant wheel refrigeration system
CM174 Modeling animation of Tree climbing machine
CM175 Modeling animation of Electric scooter powered by wind &Piezo electric solar power
CM176 Modeling animation of Automobile clutch for four wheeler
CM177 Modeling animation of Smart bike
CM178 Modeling animation of Exo-skeleton
CM179 Modeling animation of Four wheel steering mechanism & 90 degree turning
CM180 Modeling animation of Swivel seat
CM181 Modeling animation of banana fiber extracting machine
CM182 Modeling animation of Integrated automatic jacks for four wheeler
CM183 Modeling animation of Automatic citrus fruit juicer
CM184 Modeling animation of Dual axis solar power tracking
CM185 Modeling animation of Solar hover bike
CM186 Modeling animation of Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
CM187 Modeling animation of Development of two wheel drive motor cycle
CM188 Modeling animation of non-connectional door based power generation system
CM189 Modeling animation of Coconut Dehusking machine
CM190 Modeling animation of Dual hacksaw with scotch mechanism
CM191 Modeling animation of coin sorting machine
CM192 Modeling animation of Manual powered car
CM193 Modeling animation of banana fiber extracting machine
CM194 Modeling animation of solar operated grass cutting machine
CM195 Modeling animation of pedal dish washing machine
CM196 Modeling animation of Pneumatic conveyor
CM197 Modeling animation of Hill station breaking system
CM198 Modeling animation of mechanical spider
CM199 Modeling animation of Pedal operated drilling machine
CM200 Modeling animation of waste oil burring system with power generation
CM201 Modeling animation of Automatic idly batter filling mechanism
CM202 Modeling animation of Heat transfer enhancement of spray cooling using fins
CM203 Modeling animation of Disaster escaping module
CM204 Modeling animation of Variable volume engine - auto clutch Squid jet propulsion
CM205 Modeling animation of Automatic steering control system for automobile Tread mill bicycle
CM206 Modeling animation of pedal powered washing machine
CM207 Modeling animation of three in one air conditioner
CM208 Modeling animation of reusable sand power generation
CM209 Modeling animation of Automatic helmet locking system
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