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ID Project Title Action
IJ001 Design and Development of Agriculture Sprayer Vehicle
IJ002 Design and Development of Cost Effective Automatic Machine for Powder Packaging
IJ003 Design of Agricultural Ploughing Tool
IJ004 Design and Analysis of a Laminated Composite Leaf Spring
IJ005 Parametric Optimization of CGI on Milling Machine
IJ006 Automatic Dual Axis Sun Tracking System using LDR Sensor
IJ007 Waste Heat as an Alternate Source for Electricity
IJ008 Design of Thermoelectric Cooler Transducer based Transformer Heat Exchanger System
IJ009 Design and Analysis of Hybrid Power System with Fault Detection and Removal Capability in Transmission Line
IJ010 Design and Modification in the existing model of Bottle Jack QYLS5
IJ011 Design and Simulation of New Power Converter for SRM Drive with Power Factor Correction
IJ012 Design and Fabrication of Power generation System using Speed Breaker
IJ013 Speed Breaker Power Generation and Compress Air
IJ014 Design and Implementation of Unmanned Ground Vehicle using GSM Network
IJ015 Design and Modification in the Existing Model of Trolley Jack 20261
IJ016 Design of Valve System using Optimization Approach
IJ017 Design of special purpose machine head to improve the production of engine block
IJ018 Optimization of snap design parameters to avoid bursting and ring formation of rivet
IJ019 Finite element methodology of residual stress in butt welding of two similar specimens
IJ020 Hybrid composites- a concept of ecological, bio inspired and synergistic strengthening material
IJ021 Effect of water depth at 30? inclined condensing cover in the performance of a water distillation system in an indoor simulation
IJ022 New approach to casting defects classification and optimization by magma soft
IJ023 Non linear dynamic and stability analysis of beam using finite element in time
IJ024 Overview of failure trend of inlet & exhaust valve
IJ025 Process parameter optimization in WEDM of hchcr steel using taguhi method and utility concept
IJ026 Design and optimization of electrostatic precipitator using finite element analysis tool
IJ027 Thermal analysis of a gas turbine power plant to improve performance efficiency
IJ028 Deflection and stress analysis of a beam on different elements using ANSYS
IJ029 Performance and emission characteristics of waste cooking oil as biodiesel in CI Engine
IJ030 Diesel Engine Performance Improvement with Biodiesels- A Review
IJ031 Design and Development of Model Based Controller for a Spherical Tank
IJ032 Design of Solar Insolation Level Detector and Data Logger
IJ033 Study of the existing design of impeller of 4" submersible pump and improving its efficiency using CFDA through theoretical analysis
IJ034 Design analysis of bumper beam subjected to offset impact loading for automotive applications
IJ035 Enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filled with boron nitride particles
IJ036 Design and development of prototype of magnetic engine using neodymium iron boron (Nd2Fe14B) as magnetic material
IJ037 Pedestrian head impact analysis
IJ038 A review on optimization of rotary table pallets
IJ039 Optimization of vehicle suspension system using genetic algorithm
IJ040 Theoretical analysis of the performance of dual pressure condenser in a thermal power plant
IJ041 Modelling, Design and Finite Element Analysis of Cam Shaft
IJ042 Design & Manufacturing of a Simple Catapult
IJ043 Design and analysis of assembly of Piston, Connecting rod and Crank shaft
IJ044 Design and Fabrication of Pedal Powered Circular Saw for Wood Working Applications
IJ045 Design and Development of Clamping Fixture for Drilling of Boiler Tube Plate
IJ046 Design and Fabrication of Multipurpose Machine for Sugarcane Planting
IJ047 Designing and Optimization of Wheel Assembly of a Formula Student Car
IJ048 Design and Implementation of Automatic Emergency Braking System
IJ049 Design and Development of Electrical Energy Management System for Vehicle
IJ050 Design of Wet Leak Test Machine for Radiators: A Study
IJ051 Design of Nozzle and Fin Locking Unit for MRECM Rocket: A Study
IJ052 Design and Development of Solar Hybrid Bicycle
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