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GSM, GPS & Mobile Phone Projects

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ID Project Title Action
MP001 Design and Implementation of Integrated Mobile Operated Remote Vehicle
MP002 RFID - Based Navigation System For Visually Impaired To Work at Industry
MP003 GPS based autonomous vehicle navigation and control system
MP004 Real-Time Driving Monitor System: Combined Cloud Database with GPS
MP005 Wireless biosensing network for drivers health monitoring (IEEE -2016)
MP006 Tracking and Theft Prevention System for Two Wheeler Using GSM and GPS
MP007 Bank Locker Security System Using RFID and GSM Technology
MP008 Design of Entrapment Escalation using GSM for Elevators
MP009 Distribution Line Fault Detection & GSM Module Based Fault Signaling System
MP010 GSM & PIR Based Advanced Antitheft Security System
MP011 LPG Gas Weight and Leakage Detection System Using GSM
MP012 Design of Embedded Irrigation System by Using WSN (IEEE -2016)
MP013 Smart pill box using embedded and GSM (IJST Jan 2015)
MP014 Speech based warns setup for visionless people with GPS enabled location identification (IEEE-2014)
MP015 Intelligent Anti-Theft and Tracking System for Automobiles (IEEE- 2014)
MP016 Smart Home Monitoring and Controlling System using Android Phone (IEEE- 2014)
MP017 A pervasive system for Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring (IEEE- 2014)
MP018 Android Apps for Home Control (IEEE- 2014)
MP019 Design and Development of GPS-GSM Based Tracking System with Google Map Based Monitoring (IEEE- 2014)
MP020 Intelligent Accident Identification System using GPS, GSM Modem (IEEE- 2014)
MP021 Agriculture irrigation water demand forecasting based on rough set theory and weighted LS-SVM (IEEE-2014)
MP022 Electronic Energy Meter with Remote Monitoring and Billing System (IEEE-2014)
MP023 GPS guided farm mapping and waypoint tracking mobile robotic system
MP024 Embedded microcontroller using GPS as a security resource for disabled people
MP025 Official Document Tracking System with iPhone Using GPS and RFID Technology
MP026 OTP-based secured banking system in android smart phones
MP027 An automatic traffic light management using vehicle sensor and GSM model
MP028 Green house monitoring system using GSM.
MP029 RFID and GSM synthesis for authenticated ATM transaction
MP030 Design and implementation of an SMS based home security system.
MP031 Design and implementation of water environment monitoring system using GSM technology
MP032 Industrial appliances control system by decoding dual tone multi-frequency signals on GSM/CDMA network.
MP033 Design and implementation of vehicle tracking system using GPS /GSM technology and smart phone application
MP034 Freighter fuel level detection and overload alarming system with safety notification via GSM.
MP035 GSM based automatic energy meter reading system with instant billing.
MP036 Design and implementation of precision agriculture system using wireless sensor network
MP037 Detecting illegal pickups of intercity buses from their GPS traces
MP038 Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles
MP039 Earthquakes and Tsunami simulation through GSM Network
MP040 GPS and GSM based bus status and position information for blind people
MP041 Designing of mobile controlled automatic Interactive Voice Response irrigation system
MP042 GSM based well-groomed information system for missing ATM cards
MP043 Presence detection, identification and tracking in smart homes utilizing Bluetooth enabled Smartphones
MP044 GSM Mobile Phone based Automobile Security System
MP045 Secured GPS based traffic monitoring system in pervasive environment
MP046 Auditorium Monitor and Control Using GSM Technology
MP047 Development of a mind-controlled Android racing game using a brain computer interface (BCI)
MP048 Daily life activity tracking application for smart homes using android smart phone
MP049 Improved Use of Foot Force Sensors and Mobile Phone GPS for Mobility Activity Recognition
MP050 Intelligent bus location informer using android smart phones
MP051 Wireless ATM security with GSM and MEMS using microcontroller
MP052 Power Theft Detection and Intimation Energy Meter Information on through SMS with Auto Power Cutoff
MP053 Design and development of activation and controlling of home automation system via SMS through microcontroller
MP054 SMS based PWM Speed and Direction control of DC motor using H-Bridge and GSM
MP055 Design of an Intelligent SMS based Remote electricity Metering and billing System
MP056 Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) using GSM modem
MP057 SMS based Wireless electronic notice board using GSM
MP058 Blind Person Navigation system using GPS & Voice announcement
MP059 Wireless Patient Health Monitoring System Using Zigbee, RFID, GSM with wireless automatic doctor alerting through SMS
MP060 Student security tracking system using GPS with embedded technology IEEE 2016
MP061 Freighter Fuel Level detection and Overload Alarming System with Safety Notification via GSM - IEEE 2014
MP062 Design and Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS/GSM/GPRS Technology and Smartphone Application IEEE 2014
MP063 DTMF based Industrial automation and appliances control system for rural and agriculture applications
MP064 Embedded Microcontroller using GPS as a Security Resource for Disabled People IEEE 2014
MP065 Real time metropolitan bus positioning system design using GPS and GSM
MP066 GSM based home automation with security system
MP067 Integrate Intelligent security for industrial surveillance with WAP & Auto Dialer
MP068 Automatic taxi trip sensing and indication system through GSM
MP069 RFID and GSM based intelligent courier mail box system
MP070 GPS and GSM based college bus position informer for students
MP071 Power-efficient Interrupt-driven Algorithms for Fall Detection and Classification of Activities of Daily Living
MP072 GSM based AC or DC motor speed monitoring and controlling system
MP073 Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth
MP074 GPS based automatic station announcement and display system for trains/buses
MP075 Location finder using Augmented Reality for railways assistance A dynamic method to monitor public transport based on smart card and GPS Data
MP076 Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology
MP077 Freighter fuel level detection and overload alarming system with safety notification via GSM
MP078 GSM Based Home Security System to Get Intrusion Alerts like Door/Windows Open Alerts onto Your Cell Phone
MP079 A low cost industrial fuse changeover system with GSM based auto annunciation
MP080 Smart attendance system using android
MP081 GPS based real time Emergency Aid System with analysis of latency in satellite communication
MP082 GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile
MP083 Remote monitoring and closed loop control system for social modernization in agricultural system using GSM and Zigbee technology
MP084 GSM based e-doctor
MP085 GSM based motor safety & security system
MP086 Industrial security system with android application alert
MP087 Acquiring and analyzing electrocardiograms via Smartphone to detect cardiovascular abnormalities
MP088 Design and development of activation and controlling of home automation system via SMS through microcontroller
MP089 GPS with embedded for fishermen patrol system IEEE 2016
MP090 Intelligent security system for industries by using GPS and GSM (IJARCST Mar 2014)
MP091 Distribution line fault detector using GSM
MP092 Advanced wireless automatic digital pumping system for agriculture using soil sensor
MP093 Wireless Heart Attack Detector Using GSM
MP094 A Wireless Vending Machine System Based On GSM
MP095 Automatic Meter Reading System Using GSM
MP096 Industrial automation with feedback control system using DTMF GSM Technology
MP097 Students Enquiry System Based On GSM
MP098 GSM Based Fantasy House
MP099 Body Temperature and Electrocardiogram Monitoring Using An SMS Base Telemedicine System
MP100 Remote monitoring and closed loop control system for social modernization in agricultural system using GSM technology
MP101 Home security and automation using GSM
MP102 SMS based AC Control.
MP103 Intrusion Detection Using RFID with password by GSM
MP104 Vehicle Position Tracking Using GSM Modem
MP105 Intelligent quiz server based on GSM Technology.
MP106 Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features.
MP107 Microcontroller and GSM based Automatic irrigation control.
MP108 GPS based Vehicle theft detection system using GSM technology
MP109 GPS tracker for Blind people using GSM technology
MP110 GPS and GSM based School bus tracking system
MP111 Soldier Tracking System using GPS and GSM Modem
MP112 Vehicle Accident Detection with GPS and GSM modem
MP113 Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and GSM modem
MP114 GPS based Wildlife animal tracking system
MP115 Location finder unit for ice climbers team using GPS technology
MP116 Ambulance Tracking with Patient Health monitoring system using GPS and GSM
MP117 GSM based Stock Empty or Full indicator using Weight sensor
MP118 SMS based Electronic Notice board using GSM modem
MP119 SMS based Alcohol detection with vehicle controlling using GSM technology
MP120 SMS based Vehicle Theft Detection and Controlling System
MP121 Touch screen and SMS based door locking security system
MP122 SMS based Baby Incubator using GSM technology
MP123 Cell Phone Tower Base Station Safety System using GSM technology
MP124 RFID Based Security System with GSM technology
MP125 SMS based Weather report information system
MP126 GSM based Power Transformer Parameter fault detection System
MP127 GSM based industrial fault monitoring detection system
MP128 GSM based Garbage and waste collection bins overflow indicator
MP129 Toxic Gas Detection using GSM technology
MP130 GSM based LPG weight and LPG leakage detection System
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