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ID Project Title Action
ER001 A vision-based Tele-operation method for a robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom (IEEE - 2016)
ER002 Robotics voice recognition for physically challenged people IEEE 2016
ER003 Head motion controlled robotic wheel chair (IJETIE-March 2015)
ER004 A microcontroller based stout robot with automatic crack detection in railway tracks using LED-LDR assembly (International Jurnals-2014)
ER005 Multi tasked smart Wheel chair for physically challenged people
ER006 Development of the Mobile Robot with a Robot Arm
ER007 Building an Autonomous Light Finder Robot
ER008 Human detection in Robot search & rescue - Human detection in Robot search & rescue PIR
ER009 Fabrication of Anti drown vehicle
ER010 Remote controlled paint spraying Robot
ER011 Microcontroller Based Voice Controlled Robot
ER012 Bluetooth based android controlled robot
ER013 Robot Control with speech alert and touch screen
ER014 Robot controlled Vacuum Cleaner
ER015 Smart AI based Image Capturing Robot with Sensors Network
ER016 Accelerometer controlled robot using mobile phone
ER017 Remote Controlled Water Splash Robot For Gardening
ER018 Automatic Scrap collecting Robot
ER019 Automated Book Picking Robot for Libraries
ER020 SMS based Pick and place video analyzing Robot
ER021 Intelligent Escort Robot Moving together with Human
ER022 Probability-Based Location Aware Design and On-Demand Robotic Intrusion Detection System
ER023 Automatic railway track crack detecting Robot
ER024 Pick and Place Robot with Remote Control
ER025 Solar operated automatic seed sowing Vehicle robot
ER026 Fabrication of Tennis ball collector Robot
ER027 Mini Robot Car for industrial application
ER028 Simple leg walking robo mechanism
ER029 Man less defense Multi-purpose Robot
ER030 Automatic paint spraying pick and place Robot
ER031 Automatic open well cleaning robot
ER032 Visitor guided with material handling Robot- visitor guided vehicle and material handling
ER033 Fabrication of Quad bike
ER034 Object Tracking Robot Using Image Processing
ER035 Real time security guard Robot using GSM/ CDMA networking
ER036 GPS guided farm mapping and waypoint tracking mobile robotic system
ER037 Unaided Guided Robot (UGR)
ER038 The Watchdog - Robot Inspector For An Fire Hazards Area
ER039 Material Dimensions Analyzing Robot
ER040 Autonomous tour guide robot by using ultrasonic range sensors and QR code recognition in indoor environment
ER041 Automatic Stair climbing Robot- Stair climber
ER042 Automatic Visitor Guided Robot
ER043 Fabrication of Fly car
ER044 Automatic Human Seeker Robot with Human Body Heat Scanner
ER045 Walking Robot for Impaired Peoples Muscle Weakness
ER046 Automatic library management Robot
ER047 Man/line following Robot Controller design and motion simulation of solar cell substrate handling robot in vacuum environment
ER048 Automatic double axis Arc Welding Robot
ER049 ZIGBEE controlled robotic arm for industrial assistance
ER050 Artificial Intelligent based Solar Robot
ER051 Design and implementation of supervising Robot by using SMS
ER052 Automated Track Guided Robot (ATGV)
ER053 SMS Based Alive Human Detector Robo In Affected Areas / War Fields
ER054 Remote control robot using Android mobile device
ER055 IVRS Based Robot Control with Response & Feed Back
ER056 Computer Controlled Wireless Robot
ER057 Object-following robot using adaptive cruise control algorithm with IOIO
ER058 Multi-purpose Soldier Robot
ER059 Areca nut tree climbing and cutting Robot
ER060 Automatic Paint spraying Robot- Automatic Paint spraying equipment
ER061 A contest-Oriented project for learning intelligent mobile robots
ER062 AI Based Fire fighting AGV
ER063 An intelligent mobile Robot navigation technique using RFID Technology
ER064 Gas Detection Robot for Atomic Power Station
ER065 Rescue Robot (Robot aided flood transporter)
ER066 Remote controlled Pick and place video analyzing bomb detecting Robot
ER067 Accelerometer and tactile controlled robot
ER068 SMS controlled solar Robot Car
ER069 Automatic smart Robot for library
ER070 Fabrication of mechanical spider (waking robot)
ER071 Microcontroller Based Fire Fighting Robot
ER072 Remote controlled floor cleaning Robot
ER073 Obey Human Anticipative Behavior using mobile Robots
ER074 Helping Hand for Disabled Person - Hand Gripper Robot
ER075 Rescue Robot for Military Purpose with Voice Annunciation using PIR Sensor and boom Detection
ER076 Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot-MEMS based 3-axis tilt sensor that can sense the tilt in any of the 3-dimensions.
ER077 Light Search and following robot using Microcontroller unit
ER078 Fabrication of unaided automatic tri cycle
ER079 Step climbing Robot using planetary Gear Mechanism
ER080 Neural Control of a Fully Actuated Biped Robot
ER081 SMS based automated guided vehicle
ER082 Automatic sensor based wall painting Robot
ER083 Robot control using hand signals
ER084 GSM Controlled Robot Using DTMF Technology
ER085 AI Based Path finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot
ER086 Microcontroller based Line Follower Robot
ER087 Bluetooth controlled robot using Android mobile
ER088 Remote Surveillance Vehicle
ER089 3 Axis Pick and Place Robot
ER090 Mobile Controlled Robot
ER091 Touch screen controlled 2 axis Pick and Place robot using wireless communication
ER092 Bluetooth operated robot with parameter monitoring on Android mobile
ER093 Android controlled 2 axis Pick and Place robot
ER094 DTMF operated 2 Axis Pick and Place robot controlled using Mobile
ER095 Arduino Operated Obstacle Avoidance Robot
ER096 Arduino Based Line Following Robot
ER097 Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensed Robotic Vehicle
ER098 Robotic Vehicle Movement By Cell Phone
ER099 Track Sensing Robotic Vehicle Movement
ER100 Path Tracking Robotic Vehicle by Programmed Microcontroller
ER101 Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android Applications
ER102 Autonomous Robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection
ER103 Smoke and LPG Gas Detection Robot with Wireless Control
ER104 Fabrication of Bore well child rescuing Robot
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