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ID Project Title Action
WL001 Controlling the Home Appliances Remotely Through Web Application Using ZIGBEE (IEEE -2016)
WL002 Energy Efficient Intelligent Street Lightning using systems Zigbee and sensors (IEEE -2016)
WL003 Accident Alert Using ZIGBEE and GPS (IEEE -2016)
WL004 Coexistence of Zigbee-based wban and Wi-Fi for health telemonitoring systems (IEEE -2016)
WL005 A novel wireless multifunctional electronic current transformer based on Zigbee-based communication (IEEE -2016)
WL006 Configurable Zigbee-based control system for people with multiple disabilities in smart homes (IEEE -2016)
WL007 Zigbee network system for observing operating activities of work vehicles (IEEE -2016)
WL008 Interference-mitigated Zigbee-based advanced metering infrastructure (IEEE -2016)
WL009 An optimized solar traffic control and alert system using wireless sensor networks (IEEE -2016)
WL010 Design of Prototype Model for Home Automation Using Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE -2016)
WL011 A mobile Zigbee module in a traffic control system (IEEE -2016)
WL012 Wifact -- wireless fingerprinting automated continuous training (IEEE -2016)
WL013 RFID based book tracking system for libraries.
WL014 Future unmanned system design for reliable military operations
WL015 Motion controlled password system for compact embedded systems using mems sensor
WL016 Forest fire detection using optimized solar powered Zigbee wireless sensor networks
WL017 A back off counter reservation scheme for performance improvement in wireless body area networks
WL018 Smart home for elderly care based on wireless sensor network
WL019 Wireless black box using mems accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles
WL020 A Zigbee based reliable and efficient power metering system for energy management and controlling.
WL021 AID: A prototype for agricultural intrusion detection using wireless sensor network.
WL022 A new prototype of smart parking using wireless sensor networks
WL023 Mems with Zigbee wireless based light on/off with automatic voice announcement system
WL024 Real time passenger information system (rtpis) using Zigbee technology
WL025 Ultrasonic sensor system for ecology observation and timing synchronization of Zigbee network
WL026 An interactive RFID based bracelet for airport luggage tracking system
WL027 Zigbee wireless communication for monitoring renewable street light system
WL028 Improving security and usability of low RFID tags improving security and usability of low cost RFID tags
WL029 RFID security access control system.
WL030 ATM Security with RFID and One Time Password (OTP) through GSM
WL031 Monitoring and alarming system based on Zigbee Technology
WL032 Advanced railway track fault detection with remote station messaging system using Zigbee communication
WL033 Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring System Using Zigbee
WL034 Monitoring and alarming system based on Zigbee Technology
WL035 Item-level RFID in a retail supply chain with stock-out-based substitution Bluetooth based Wireless Device control for Industrial Atomization
WL036 Bluetooth based Robot Control for Metal Detection Applications
WL037 RFID based banking system for secured transaction.
WL038 Unveiling the potential of RFID enabled intelligent patient management.
WL039 RFID based library automation system using PIC controller.
WL040 Wireless tyre pressure monitoring system
WL041 Intelligent Wireless Talking Bus Stop
WL042 Design & implementation -wireless ECG based on blue tooth protocol
WL043 Reliable monitoring of oil and gas pipelines using wireless sensor network (WSN)
WL044 Wireless petroleum level sensor using RF communication
WL045 Harmful gases Wireless Network Monitoring System Design
WL046 Development of gas leak detection and location system based on wireless technology
WL047 Wireless controller cum internet controller for home appliances
WL048 Intelligent energy monitoring system based on Zigbee equipped smart sockets
WL049 Wireless electrical apparatus control system with speed control of AC motor in a plant using RF communication.
WL050 Wireless stepper motor control using RF communication
WL051 Wireless electronic notice board with multi-point receivers using RF communication system
WL052 Design of vital sign monitor based on wireless sensor networks and telemedicine technology
WL053 Innovative railway track surveying with sensors and controlled by wireless communication (international jurnals-2014)
WL054 Automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and GPRS module (ieee-2014)
WL055 Design and implementation of arm intelligent monitoring using Zigbee (international jurnals-2014)
WL056 Industrial parameter monitoring and controlling using GSM and web server (international jurnals-2014)
WL057 Low cost and high efficiency smart hems by using Zigbee with MPPT techniques (international jurnals-2014)
WL058 Monitoring wind turbine using WI-FI network for reliable communication (international jurnals-2014)
WL059 Design and implementation of energy data collection system using wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) module and current transformer
WL060 Android interface based GSM home security system
WL061 Advanced wireless bank security system with remote alarm & sensor for modem security application
WL062 RF based anti hijack system for aero plane / train
WL063 Temperature and humidity monitoring through wireless sensor network using shortest path algorithm
WL064 Zigbee based automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone
WL065 RFID based prepaid card for canteen management system
WL066 Efficient electricity energy management system control by GSM & RFID
WL067 Blind people class room identification system using RFID
WL068 Wireless Zigbee based theft indicator for vehicle
WL069 Power production measurement & monitoring in windmill using GSM
WL070 RFID based vehicle security and locking system
WL071 Embedded based customized wireless message circular system for college and industries
WL072 RFID Based Attendance System with SMS indication using GSM modem
WL073 RFID Based Security System
WL074 Home security system using Bluetooth
WL075 Remote monitoring and control of photo voltaic system using wireless sensor network
WL076 RFID based shopping trolley
WL077 A reliable and fast routing data transmission protocol for WI-FI based real-time patient monitoring system
WL078 Implementation of flash flood monitoring system based on wireless sensor network
WL079 Zigbee based automatic multiple transformer detection and information system
WL080 Development of wireless RGB led dimming control technology using smart phone
WL081 RFID based Passport Details identification system intelligent fire monitoring using blue tooth technology
WL082 Remote fish aquaculture monitoring system based on wireless transmission technology
WL083 An efficient Zigbee based m2m environmental monitoring system
WL084 RFID based Prepaid Car Parking System
WL085 RFID Based Highway Toll Tax Collection System
WL086 Wireless based railway bridge damage or track fault notification with alarm systems
WL087 Low cost heart rate monitoring device using Bluetooth
WL088 The application of Zigbee technology to the intelligent bus query system
WL089 Wireless sensor network based smart home sensor section deployment & monitoring
WL090 RFID based Device Control and Authentication
WL091 RFID Based Attendance Management System
WL092 Design and implementation of GSM and GPS based vehicle accidental information
WL093 Internet based hospital connecting system
WL094 Voice communication based on Zigbee wireless sensor networks
WL095 Wireless Zigbee based power failure indicator to E.B
WL096 Remote sensing and control of an irrigation system using a distributed wireless sensor network
WL097 Human body temperature and heart-rate monitoring on mobile screen over Bluetooth wireless technology
WL098 Performance analysis of Zigbee based wireless sensor network for remote patient monitoring
WL099 Motion activated power saving system using mems accelerometer and i2c protocol
WL100 Automated electric meter reading and monitoring system using Zigbee / Bluetooth
WL101 RFID based highway toll collection system
WL102 Bluetooth based car locking and ignition control system
WL103 Zigbee based wireless energy meter
WL104 Security Management Access Control System
WL105 Zigbee based Alcohol consumption monitoring
WL106 Smart entrance guard control based on RFID card and Zigbee authorization
WL107 Computer based device controlling using Zigbee wireless communication
WL108 Zigbee based Greenhouse wireless monitoring and controlling
WL109 RFID Based Security System with GSM technology
WL110 RFID Based Attendance System with SMS indication using GSM modem
WL111 Computer based device controlling using Zigbee wireless communication
WL112 Zigbee based Greenhouse wireless monitoring and controlling
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