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EN001 Diffuser augmented wind turbine
EN002 Energy analyses of solar integrated combined cycle power plant
EN003 Light load efficiency improvement for buck voltage regulators for wind mill
EN004 Solar powered automatic Temperature Control by Switching the Fan and window Shade
EN005 Solar Air conditioner
EN006 Air Production and Power generation from Speed Breaker in Roadways
EN007 Electrical energy can be produced by using vibration
EN008 Solar Text Board Cleaner with buck boost converter
EN009 Solar Air cooler cum heater
EN010 Pedal operated wet grinder with Cell phone charger
EN011 Experimental Studies and Performance Evaluation of MPPT Control Strategies For Solar-Powered Water Pumps
EN012 Solar Peltier air cooler cum heater
EN013 Wind Energy Vehicle
EN014 Wind Mill Power Generation System
EN015 Solar powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system
EN016 Micro Hydro Electric Power plant
EN017 Electrical Power Generation system using Railway track
EN018 Solar railway track crack detecting vehicle
EN019 Electrical Power Generation using Thermal Power Plant
EN020 Coin Based Solar Mobile Phone Charger
EN021 Electronic passport using RFID
EN022 Over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for four wheeler
EN023 Microcontroller based two axis solar tracking system
EN024 Energy consumption indicators
EN025 Green house monitoring and control system
EN026 Prepaid energy meter
EN027 Vehicle speed sensing and smoke detecting system
EN028 GSM automated and unmanned control system of railway crossing
EN029 Attendance monitoring intelligent classroom
EN030 Intelligent wireless talking bus stop
EN031 Microcontroller based cellular voting machine
EN032 Electricity theft monitoring system
EN033 Electronic vehicle identification in the intelligent city
EN034 Intelligent GSM care for bus finding system
EN035 GSM advance wireless earthquake alarm system for early warning
EN036 Home automation using DTMF controller
EN037 Wireless motor control system
EN038 RF based wireless sensor network for sewerage monitoring
EN039 DC / DC Buck-Boost converter with Solar Panel Dual axis tracking system
EN040 Domestic wind mill Power generation
EN041 A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System
EN042 Time program sun tracking solar panel
EN043 Arduino based solar street light
EN044 Energy Consumption Indicators
EN045 Pyroelectric-based Solar Wind energy Harvesting System (IEEE-2014)
EN046 Simulation of Three Phase UPS Systems Operating Under Variable Non Linear Loads by Using Solar Energy Integrated SPWM Controller (International Jurnals-2014)
EN047 Solar Powered DC To DC Buck-Boost Converter with MPPT Control (International Jurnals-2014)
EN048 Z Source Inverter Using Renewable Energy System (International Jurnals-2014)
EN049 Single-Stage Multistring PV Inverter with an Isolated High-Frequency Link and Soft-Switching Operation (IEEE-2014)
EN050 Coin based mobile charger using Solar tracking system (International Jurnals-2013)
EN051 Solar Air Dryer with auto tracking
EN052 Solar Powered Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
EN053 MPPT control strategy for wind energy conversion system based on RBF network
EN054 Solar Wind Power Grinding Machine
EN055 Solar Power Auto Irrigation System
EN056 Self Power Solar Data Logger
EN057 Quasi-Z-Source Solar Inverter Fed BLDC Drive
EN058 Bicycle wind turbine
EN059 Electrical energy generating dance floor
EN060 Solar Automatic Traffic and Street Light Controller
EN061 Solar based Sensor Operated Automatic wash basin
EN062 Solar Wheel Chair for physically Disabled
EN063 Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with automatic panel cooling system
EN064 Solar Operated Rain Sensing and Window Closing system
EN065 Solar automatic rain operated wiper with head-lamp dim/bright controller
EN066 Solar grass cutter with RTC based solar panel auto tracking
EN067 Electrical Power Generation using steam Power Plant
EN068 Solar Hybrid Car
EN069 Devising a solar powered standalone vehicle using GSM communication network
EN070 Proposed model for the wind energy harnessing system in trains
EN071 Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
EN072 SMS based solar pick and place Robot
EN073 Solar panel and battery street light monitoring system using GSM wireless communication system
EN074 Solar Lighting System with Auto Tracking
EN075 Solar Seed Dryer with Auto tracking
EN076 Solar powered automatic Fire Fighting Robot
EN077 The Remote Wireless Monitoring System Based on GPRS for Off-Grid Wind Turbine
EN078 Fitness equipment for localized electric power generation
EN079 Solar Water Pumping System with Automatic sun tracking system
EN080 Electrical Power Generation using Speed Breaker
EN081 Solar Air Cooler cum heater with auto tracking system
EN082 Transformer less grid feeding current source inverting for solar photovoltaic inverter
EN083 Electricity and Water Pumping System using Wind Mill
EN084 Solar based LED street lighting with gradual charging and alternate switching
EN085 Foot Step Power Generation System
EN086 Highway wind turbine
EN087 Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation Embedded System
EN088 SMS controlled solar Vehicle
EN089 Solar Automatic step climber Planetary Ger Mechanism
EN090 Experimental study in Switching of solar cell using Microcontroller
EN091 Helical type wind turbine- Helical type domestic wind turbine
EN092 Solar powered thermo-electric refrigerator
EN093 Design and implementation of intelligent energy distribution management and maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic system
EN094 Battery Cycle (or) Solar Cycle
EN095 Bi-Directional Power Converter for Electric Bike with Charging Feature
EN096 Solar water fountain
EN097 Lab view based instrumentation system for solar-wind hybrid station
EN098 Buggy with solar hybrid vehicle
EN099 Hybrid system for home (Wind mill with Solar Power)
EN100 Solar race car
EN101 SMS Controlled Solar Vehicle for Industrial Application
EN102 Non-Conventional Door based power generation System
EN103 Maximum Power Point Tracking for Low Power Photovoltaic Solar Panels
EN104 Design of Solar Inverter Circuit for Homes
EN105 Forest Fire Detection Using Optimized Solar Powered Wireless Sensor Networks
EN106 Pedal Operated cell phone charger
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