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ID Project Title Action
PC001 Interface your PC with light and fans
PC002 PC based solar panel sun tracking and controlling system
PC003 PC Based Hi-Tech industrial automation with auto / manual modes of operation
PC004 PC Based Wireless LAN Bluetooth Technology
PC005 PC based wireless Material handling Vehicle
PC006 Voice Based Path Control of Robot via the PC Using RF Communication Technology
PC007 Wireless message Communication between Two Computers
PC008 PC based On-Load monitoring of distribution transformer tap changer using RF communication
PC009 MEMS based PC commands using hand signals
PC010 PC based anti hijack system for aero plane
PC011 PC based home/industrial automation
PC012 PC Based Wind Direction Indicator cum Speed Measurement
PC013 RS 232 communication based touch screen monitoring
PC014 PC based Solar Car
PC015 PC Based “SCADA” Control for Distribution Line Automation
PC016 PC Based Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
PC017 PC Based Motor Speed Monitoring System
PC018 PC based multiple transformer or motor fault detection and monitoring system
PC019 Internet controlled A.C or D.C motor speed controlling system
PC020 PC Based Wireless Welding Robot
PC021 PC based Electrical appliances control System
PC022 PC based A.C motor speed, voltage and current monitoring and controlling system
PC023 PC Based Unique Office Communication System Using RF
PC024 PC Based Electrical Load Control
PC025 PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board
PC026 SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) for Remote Industrial Plant
PC027 PC Based Room Cooling System
PC028 PC Based Stepper Motor Speed Control System
PC029 PC Based Automatic Mono Rail System
PC030 PC Based Wireless Welding Robot
PC031 PC Based Remote Controlled Material Handling Vehicle
PC032 PC Based Wireless Code Locking System for Machines
PC033 PC Based Wireless Robot
PC034 PC Based Material Handling Equipment
PC035 PC Based Temperature, Voltage and Speed (T-V-S) Measuring System
PC036 RS 232 Communication Based Voltage Monitoring System
PC037 PC Based On-Load Monitoring of Distribution Transformer Tap Changer Using RF Communication
PC038 Multi Device Control System Using PC
PC039 PC Based Multi Motor Control System
PC040 PC Based Moving Message Display
PC041 RS 232 Communication Based Length Measurement System
PC042 PC Based Different Industrial Parameter Measuring Using ADC Control
PC043 RS 232 Communication Based Automatic Moisture & Light Control System
PC044 PC Based Auto Dialing Home Security System
PC045 PC Based Packing Control Machine for Industrial Application
PC046 PC Based DC Motor Speed Controller Using PWM Techniques
PC047 RS 232 Communication Based Stepper Motor Position & Angle Controller
PC048 PC Based Auto Dialing Industrial Security System
PC049 PC Based Metro Train Auto Ticketing System
PC050 PC Based Digital Clock
PC051 PC Based Relay Switching to Operate Motor
PC052 PC Based Multi-meter
PC053 PC Based Bio-telemetry for Medical Aided Information
PC054 PC Based Relay Switching
PC055 PC Based Visitor Counter
PC056 PC Based Data Acquisition Card
PC057 PC Based Speed Monitoring System (Tachometer)
PC058 PC Based Heart Beat/Pulse Monitor
PC059 PC Based DC motor Control
PC060 PC Based Robotic Arm
PC061 PC Based Robotic Car
PC062 PC Based IR Based Unmanned Railway Crossing
PC063 PC Based Lift/Elevator Controller
PC064 PC Based Touch Screen Sensing System
PC065 PC Based Temperature Indicator cum Controller
PC066 PC Based IR Remote Dimmer with Status Indicator
PC067 PC Based Light Dimmer Control
PC068 PC Based Metal Detector with Speed Indication
PC069 PC Based Process Automation
PC070 PC Based Time Operated Device Control
PC071 PC Based Smart Traffic Light Control System
PC072 PC Based Speech/Voice Recognition System
PC073 PC Based Boiler cum Indicator
PC074 PC Based Liquid Level Monitor/Controller
PC075 PC Based Over Speed Indicator & Detection
PC076 PC Based Smart Card
PC077 PC Based School Bell
PC078 PC Based AC/DC Motor Speed Control with IGBT Drives
PC079 PC Based 5 Channel Logic Analyzer
PC080 PC Based Distance Measurement Robot
PC081 PC Based Wireless Object Counter for Industry
PC082 PC Based Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID)
PC083 PC Based Security Alarm Transmission
PC084 PC Based Proportionate TRIAC and Control Using PC
PC085 PC Based Power Control
PC086 PC Based Wind Direction Indicator cum Speed Measurement
PC087 PC Based Global Positioning System: GPS
PC088 PC Based Temperature Controller
PC089 PC Based Light Finder
PC090 PC Based Smart Home-Control
PC091 PC Based Auto Braking System
PC092 PC Based object Rejection and Counting Machine
PC093 PC Based Paper Cutting Machine
PC094 PC Based Multiple Device Switching Control
PC095 PC Based Auto Ticket Vending Machine
PC096 PC Based Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
PC097 PC Based Shooting Game (Laser Based)
PC098 PC Based Voice Operated Car
PC099 PC Based Overload Controller
PC100 PC Based Solenoid Valve Operated Liquid Stirrer
PC101 PC Based Lath Machine Control
PC102 PC Based Over Head Water Level Indication & Control
PC103 PC Based Fuzzy Logic System
PC104 PC Based Screw/Drill System
PC105 PC Based Wireless Industrial Fault Finder
PC106 PC Based “SCADA” Control for Distribution Line Automation
PC107 PC Controlled Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas Using
PC108 PC based wireless pick and place Robot
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