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ID Project Title Action
BO001 Advanced health monitoring system using embedded technology IEEE 2016
BO002 A portable electronic system for health monitoring of elderly People IEEE 2015
BO003 Monitoring activities of daily living based on wearable wireless body sensor network (IEEE- 2014)
BO004 NFC enabled intelligent hospital appointment and medication scheduling (IEEE- 2014)
BO005 Development of a system for the glucose level in the blood monitoring (IEEE- 2014)
BO006 Biometric Access Control Implementation Using 32 bit Arm Cortex Processor (IEEE- 2014)
BO007 Snore alarm electronic device
BO008 NFC based secure mobile healthcare system (IEEE- 2014)
BO009 Design and Implementation of a Sustainable Wireless BAN Platform for Remote Monitoring of Workers Health Care in Harsh Environments (IEEE- 2014)
BO010 Low-cost saline droplet measurement system using for common patient room in rural public hospital (IEEE- 2014)
BO011 Involuntary, biometric door access control and attendance protection system
BO012 RFID Based Medicine Expiry Date Verification
BO013 Remote Monitoring of ECG & Body Temperature through Android mobile.
BO014 MEMS based PC commands using hand signals
BO015 Patient health information management system using finger print
BO016 Obey Human Anticipative Behavior using mobile Robots
BO017 MEMS with ZIGBEE wireless based light ON/OFF with automatic voice announcement system for disabled patients
BO018 Secure key management scheme based on ECC algorithm for patients medical information in healthcare system
BO019 SMS based patient heart beat and respiration monitoring system
BO020 Non-invasive blood pressure remoter monitoring instrument based microcontroller.
BO021 Low cost saline droplet measurement system using for common patient room in rural public hospital
BO022 Daily monitoring of asthmatics by means of individual device for exhaled breath temperature measurement
BO023 Design and implementation of a sustainable wireless ban platform for remote monitoring of workers health care in harsh environment
BO024 Design and implementation of heart rate measurement device using wireless system
BO025 Remote monitoring system of ECG and body temperature signals.
BO026 Mobile phone based medicine in take reminder & monitor.
BO027 RFID based patient identification and medicine information system
BO028 Wearable EDA Sensor Gloves using Conducting Fabric and Embedded System
BO029 Head Movement based Wheel Chair Control System for Paralyzed Patients
BO030 Blind Identification and Equalization of FIR Finite Impulse Response
BO031 Daily monitoring of asthmatics by means of individual devices for exhaled breath temperature measurement.
BO032 Como stage patient nerve sensitivity alert system
BO033 Hospital automation with patient monitoring system
BO034 Bio Sensing Head / Neck / Eye Movement Based Driver Alert System
BO035 MEMS based home/industrial automation system
BO036 RFID Based Medical Equipments Location Finding & Maintenance
BO037 Voice recognition and touch screen control based wheel chair for paraplegic persons
BO038 Design of A Bionic Electro Location Sensor For Coronary Diagnostics
BO039 Ultrasonic and voice based walking stick for the blind people
BO040 Internet based Hospital Automation with Patient Monitoring System
BO041 ATM based remote healthcare monitoring system
BO042 ZIGBEE Based Medi-Care - Patient Monitoring System with WAP RF BP
BO043 Intelligent Electrocardiogram Monitoring System for Early Arrhythmia Detection
BO044 Advanced Remote Temperature and Heart Rate Monitoring System
BO045 A new smart fall-down detector for senior healthcare system using inertial micro sensors
BO046 A Portable Wireless Eye Movement-Controlled Human-Computer Interface for the Disabled
BO047 Wireless gesture recognition system using MEMS accelerometer
BO048 A cognitive radio system for E-health applications in a hospital environment
BO049 Highly sensitive biomedical digital heart beat monitoring system
BO050 Advanced patient monitoring system (body temperature & heart beat) on PC using MCU
BO051 Health monitoring solution using dedicated Zigbee sensor network.
BO052 Patient medical information ATM system with finger print identification technology
BO053 Fingerprint biometrics for ID document verification
BO054 Design of vital sign monitor based on wireless sensor networks and telemedicine technology
BO055 Finger print based ATM authentication & money management system
BO056 Automatic patient heart beat and body temperature monitoring for remote doctor
BO057 Measurement of inhaled / exhaled respiratory system
BO058 Telemetric intracranial pressure sensor system for biomedical applications
BO059 Development of Zigbee mobile router for supporting network mobility in healthcare system
BO060 Ambulatory center of mass prediction using body accelerations and center of foot pressure
BO061 Remote compact sensor for the real-time monitoring of human heartbeat and respiration rate
BO062 Measuring and transmitting vital body signs using mems sensors
BO063 Patient monitoring using GSM and ZIG bee for hospitals and old age homes
BO064 Wireless data acquisition system for remote care of newly born premature
BO065 Zigbee device access control and reliable data transmission in Zigbee based health monitoring system
BO066 Wheelchair control using voice signals for disabled patients
BO067 Wireless telemetry system for the transmission of ECG signals
BO068 Auto phone control using hand signals for disabled patients using mems
BO069 Impact estimation and analysis of patient during fall
BO070 Ultrasonic and voice based walking stick for the blind
BO071 Foot pressure monitor for athletes and patients
BO072 Automatic timed blood pressure measuring system for patients
BO073 Ultrasound therapy by using piezo electric method
BO074 Respiratory monitoring system with temperature sensor and breath sensor
BO075 Bed side patient monitoring system
BO076 Medi-care enabled health analysis for patient with auto updating
BO077 Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Patients
BO078 Patient fall detection using hip and abdomen sensor
BO079 Integrated patient monitoring gateway using RFID
BO080 Wireless communication based blood pressure measurement
BO081 RFID based health card system
BO082 Respiratory temperature monitor in ICU
BO083 Electrical safety analyzer for biomedical equipments
BO084 Development of intelligent power wheelchair assisting for people on daily life using motion recognition
BO085 Design and development of English text reading machine for visually impaired persons
BO086 Zigbee based patient monitoring system
BO087 RFID based system for class room identification for visually impaired
BO088 Smart Medi kit- care taking system for elderly persons/patients with auto dialer
BO089 Head steered obstruction sensitive wheelchair
BO090 Eye ball sensor based eye tracking automatic wheel chair movement for paralyzed patients
BO091 Multi sensor strategies to assist blind people: a clear-path indicator
BO092 Intelligent robotic wheel chair for specialty operations & physically challenged
BO093 Automated vehicles for physically and visually challenged
BO094 Smart coat with biomedical sensors for walking patients collision/accident avoidance system using ultrasonic sensors
BO095 Movement activity monitoring of elderly people-application in remote home care systems
BO096 Automatic medicine announcement system
BO097 Eyeball controlled eye tracking system for physically impaired patients
BO098 Fall detection & activity monitoring for oldsters
BO099 Speaker and speech recognition
BO100 Remote monitoring system of ECG and body temperature signals (Ijirset may 2014)
BO101 Microcontroller based temperature recorder and controlling system.
BO102 I-Ball movement detector
BO103 Total quality management in healthcare
BO104 New Design for Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Based on GSM Module
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