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PE001 Investigation of Negative-Sequence Injection Capability of Cascaded H-Bridge Converters in Star and Delta Configuration (IEEE - 2016)
PE002 A Novel Control for a Cascaded Buck Boost PFC Converter Operating in Discontinuous Capacitor Voltage Mode (IEEE - 2016)
PE003 A Single-Phase Buck-Boost Matrix Converter with Only Six Switches and Without Commutation Problem (IEEE - 2016)
PE004 A Multi-Level Converter with a Floating Bridge for Open-Ended Winding Motor Drive Applications (IEEE - 2016)
PE005 Variable Duty Cycle Control for Quadratic Boost PFC Converter (IEEE - 2016)
PE006 Pulse Pattern Modulated Strategy for Harmonic Current Components Reduction in Three-Phase AC-DC Converters (IEEE - 2016)
PE007 Practical Layouts and DC-Rail Voltage Clamping Techniques of Z-Source Inverters (IEEE - 2016)
PE008 High Efficiency Bi-Directional Converter for Flywheel Energy Storage Application (IEEE - 2016)
PE009 Z-Source Resonant Converter with Power Factor Correction for Wireless Power Transfer Applications (IEEE - 2016)
PE010 A Single-Switch AC-DC LED Driver Based on a Boost-Fly back PFC Converter with Lossless Snubber (IEEE - 2016)
PE011 Combined Phase Shift and Frequency Modulation of a Dual Active Bridge AC-DC Converter with PFC (IEEE - 2016)
PE012 Least Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Differential Power Processing Systems (IEEE - 2016)
PE013 Soft Start and Voltage Control of Induction Motors using Floating Capacitor Hbridge Converters (IEEE - 2016)
PE014 Matrix Converter Based Active Distribution Transformer (IEEE - 2016)
PE015 A Single-stage High Frequency Resonant AC/AC Converter (IEEE - 2016)
PE016 Analysis and Control of Neutral-Point Voltage for Transformer less Three-Level PV Inverter in LVRT Operation (IEEE - 2016)
PE017 Impedance Coordinative Control for Cascaded Converter in Bidirectional Application (IEEE - 2016)
PE018 A DC-voltage Controlled Variable Capacitor for Stabilizing the ZVS Frequency of a Resonant Converter for Wireless Power Transfer (IEEE - 2016)
PE019 A Virtual RLC Damper to Stabilize DC/DC Converters Having an LC Input Filter while Improving the Filter Performance (IEEE - 2016)
PE020 A Common Grounded Z-Source DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain (IEEE - 2016)
PE021 A Digital Predictive Current Mode Controller for Single Phase High Frequency Transformer Isolated Dual Active Bridge DC to DC Converter (IEEE - 2016)
PE022 A High-Voltage Compliant Current-to-Digital Sensor for DC-DC Converters in Standard CMOS Technology (IEEE - 2016)
PE023 A New Single-Switch Isolated High-Gain Hybrid Boosting Converter(IEEE - 2016)
PE024 A Novel Medium-Voltage Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter (IEEE - 2016)
PE025 A PWM Plus Phase-Shift Controlled Interleaved Isolated Boost Converter Based on Semi-Active Quadrupler Rectifier for High Step-Up Applications (IEEE - 2016)
PE026 Analysis and Implementation of a Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain (IEEE - 2016)
PE027 Capacitor Aging Detection in DC-DC Converter Output Stage (IEEE - 2016)
PE028 Derivation of Dual-Switch Step-Down DC/DC Converters with Fault-Tolerant Capability (IEEE - 2016)
PE029 Design and Analysis of a High Efficiency DCDC Converter with Soft Switching Capability for Renewable Energy Applications Requiring High Voltage Gain (IEEE - 2016)
PE030 Design and Steady State Analysis of Parallel Resonant DC-DC Converter for High Voltage Power Generator (IEEE - 2016)
PE031 Feed-Forward based Control in a DC-DC Converter of Asymmetric Multistage Stacked Boost Architecture (IEEE - 2016)
PE032 Model Predictive Control of Capacitor Voltage Balancing for Cascaded Modular DC-DC Converters (IEEE - 2016)
PE033 Model Predictive Voltage Control for Single Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter with Reduced Cross Regulation (IEEE - 2016)
PE034 Stability Analysis and Stabilization methods of DC Micro grid with Multiple Parallel-Connected DC-DC Converters loaded by CPLs(IEEE - 2016)
PE035 Steady-State Analysis of Inductor Conduction Modes in the Quadratic Boost Converter (IEEE - 2016)
PE036 A New Transformer less Buck-Boost Converter with Positive Output Voltage (IEEE - 2016)
PE037 A High Step-Up Converter with Voltage-Multiplier Modules for Sustainable Energy Applications (IEEE-2015)
PE038 A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter Under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System (IEEE-2015)
PE039 A High-Efficiency MOSFET Transformer less Inverter for Non isolated Micro inverter Applications (IEEE-2015)
PE040 A Multi-Input Bridgeless Resonant AC-DC Converter for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting (IEEE-2015)
PE041 A Novel Drive Method for High-Speed Brushless DC Motor Operating in a Wide Range (IEEE-2015)
PE042 A Novel High Step-up DC/DC Converter Based on Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications (IEEE-2015)
PE043 A Quasi-Z-Source Direct Matrix Converter Feeding a Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive (IEEE-2015)
PE044 Analysis of Dual-Carrier Modulator for Bidirectional Non inverting Buck–Boost Converter (IEEE-2015)
PE045 Bidirectional PWM Converter Integrating Cell Voltage Equalizer Using Series -Resonant Voltage Multiplier for Series-Connected Energy Storage Cells (IEEE-2015)
PE046 Bridgeless PFC-Modified SEPIC Rectifier With Extended Gain for Universal Input Voltage Applications (IEEE-2015)
PE047 Double-Switch Equalizer Using Parallel- or Series-Parallel-Resonant Inverter and Voltage Multiplier for Series-Connected Super capacitors (IEEE-2015)
PE048 Input-Series–Output-Parallel-Connected Buck Rectifiers for High-Voltage Applications (IEEE-2015)
PE049 Naturally Clamped Soft-Switching Current-Fed Three-Phase Bidirectional DC/DC Converter (IEEE-2015)
PE050 PFC Cuk Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive (IEEE-2015)
PE051 Soft-Switching AC-Link Three-Phase AC–AC Buck–Boost Converter (IEEE-2015)
PE052 The Delta Configured Modular Multilevel Converter (IEEE-2015)
PE053 Two-Switch Voltage Equalizer Using an LLC Resonant Inverter and Voltage Multiplier for Partially Shaded Series-Connected Photovoltaic Modules (IEEE-2015)
PE054 Photovoltaic Burp Charge System on Energy-Saving Configuration by Smart Charge Management (IEEE-2015)
PE055 A Comparative Study of Two Buck-Type Three-Phase Single-Stage AC–DC Full-Bridge Converters (IEEE-2015)
PE056 A Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter for Battery Energy Management Applied in Electric Vehicles (IEEE-2015)
PE057 Speed control of a separately-excited DC motor powered by photovoltaic energy (IEEE-2015)
PE058 High-Frequency-Fed Unity Power-Factor AC–DC Power Converter with One Switching Per Cycle (IEEE-2015)
PE059 PFC Cuk Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive (IEEE-2015)
PE060 Reducing Switching Losses in BLDC Motor Drives by Reducing Body Diode Conduction of MOSFETs (IEEE-2015)
PE061 Condition monitoring of BLDC motor drive systems by Hilbert Huang Transform (IEEE-2015)
PE062 A Novel Drive Method for High-Speed Brushless DC Motor Operating in a Wide Range (IEEE-2015)
PE063 A Unity Power Factor Bridgeless Isolated Cuk Converter-Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive (IEEE-2015)
PE064 Design and Performance of a Cost-Effective BLDC Drive for Water Pump Application (IEEE-2015)
PE065 Buck converter based model for a brushless DC motor drive without a DC link capacitor (IEEE-2015)
PE066 Multi objective Fuzzy Predictive Torque Control of an induction motor drive
PE067 Common-Mode Voltage and Vibration Mitigation of a Five-Phase Three-Level NPC Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive System (IEEE-2015)
PE068 Extending the utilization of DC-link voltage in multi-level inverters using a new modulation technique (IEEE-2015)
PE069 Nine level cascaded H Bridge Inverter (For High Performing UPS Applications) (IEEE-2015)
PE070 Pulse delay control for capacitor voltage balancing in a three-level boost neutral point clamped inverter (IEEE-2015)
PE071 Performance analysis of control and modulation methods of z-source inverter (IEEE-2015)
PE072 A BL-CSC Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive with Power Factor Correction
PE073 A Fast DC-Bus Voltage Controller for Bidirectional Single-Phase AC/DC Converters (IEEE-2015)
PE074 A High Gain Input-Parallel Output-Series DC/DC Converter with Dual Coupled Inductors (IEEE-2015)
PE075 Single-Switch Voltage Equalizer Using Multi stacked Buck–Boost Converters for Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Modules (IEEE-2015)
PE076 An improved method to control the speed and flux of PM-BLDC motors (IEEE-2015)
PE077 A Quad Two-Level Inverter Configuration for Four-Pole Induction-Motor Drive with Single DC Link (IEEE-2015)
PE078 High performance single supply CMOS inverter level up shifter for multi-supply voltages domains (IEEE-2015)
PE079 A Stable Mode-Transition Technique for a Digitally Controlled Non-Inverting Buck–Boost DC–DC Converter (IEEE-2015)
PE080 A Bidirectional LLC Resonant Converter With Automatic Forward and Backward Mode Transition (IEEE-2015)
PE081 Power Factor Correction in Bridgeless-Luo Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive (IEEE-2015)
PE082 One cycle control of buck-type, current source inverter-fed, brushless DC motor drive (IEEE-2015)
PE083 A novel self-starting ultra low-power and low-voltage two-stage DC-DC boost converter for microbial energy harvesting (IEEE-2015)
PE084 Automatic Mode-Shifting Control Strategy with Input Voltage Feed-Forward for Full-Bridge-Boost DC–DC Converter Suitable for Wide Input Voltage Range (IEEE-2015)
PE085 Single-Inductor Dual-Output Buck–Boost Power Factor Correction Converter (IEEE-2015)
PE086 A high step-up converter with voltage-multiplier modules for sustainable energy applications (IEEE-DEC 2015)
PE087 Input series output parallel connected buck rectifiers for high-voltage applications (IEEE- JAN 2015)
PE088 Time-varying compensation for peak current-controlled pfc boost converter (IEEE- June 2015)
PE089 A multi-mode control strategy for var support by solar PV inverters in distribution networks (IEEE- May 2015)
PE090 A BL-CSC converter-fed BLDC motor drive with power factor correction (IEEE Jan 2015)
PE091 Evaluation of Switching Performance of SiC Devices in PWM Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives (IEEE-2015)
PE092 A Family of Soft-Switching DC–DC Converters Based on a Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost – IEEE 2015
PE093 A family of zero current transition transformers less photo voltaic grid connected inverter– IEEE 2015
PE094 A Novel High Step-up DC/DC Converter Based on Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications – IEEE 2015
PE095 A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System – IEEE 2015
PE096 A family of zero current transition transformers less photo voltaic grid connected inverter – IEEE 2015
PE097 Super capacitors and battery power management for hybrid vehicle applications using multi boost and full bridge converters - IEEE 2014
PE098 A Dual-Active Bridge Topology with a Tuned CLC Network – IEEE 2015
PE099 A Fully Integrated Three-Level Isolated Single-Stage PFC Converter – IEEE 2015
PE100 Analysis and suppression of leakage current in cascaded-multilevel-inverter-based pv systems (IEEE- OCT 2014)
PE101 Power theft identification and energy saver (IJIRSET APR 2013)
PE102 Adaptive control of voltage source convertor for power factor correction (IEEE Oct 2013)
PE103 Five-level t-type inverter based on multi-state switching cell
PE104 High power factor ac–dc led driver with film capacitors
PE105 Mitigation of voltage sag and swell using direct converters with minimum switch count (JPE Nov 2014)
PE106 Leakage current reduction in a single-phase bidirectional ACDC full-bridge inverter (IEEE Oct 2012)
PE107 Harmonic analysis and practical implementation of a two-phase micro grid system
PE108 Nine-level cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter (IJEIT Sep 2013)
PE109 Design of battery-super capacitors combination in uninterruptible power supply (IJSER mar 2014)
PE110 A single-phase grid-connected fuel cell system based on a boost-inverter
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