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ES001 Energy Efficient Outdoor Light Monitoring and Control Architecture Using Embedded System (IEEE -2016)
ES002 Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring (IEEE -2016)
ES003 Energy-Efficient Intelligent Street Lighting System Using Traffic-Adaptive Control (IEEE -2016)
ES004 Development of a distributed disaster data and human life sign probe system (IEEE -2016)
ES005 Design and implementation of a home automation system for smart grid applications (IEEE -2016)
ES006 Milk products monitoring system with arm processor for early detection of microbial activity (IEEE -2016)
ES007 Micro grid demonstration gateway for players communication and load monitoring and management (IEEE -2016)
ES008 A smart wearable system for sudden infant death syndrome monitoring (IEEE -2016)
ES009 Exoskeleton robots for upper-limb rehabilitation (IEEE -2016)
ES010 Wearable Camera- and Accelerometer-Based Fall Detection on Portable Devices (IEEE -2016)
ES011 Innovation in Underwater Robots: Biologically Inspired Swimming Snake Robots (IEEE -2016)
ES012 An IOT-based system for collision detection on guardrails (IEEE -2016)
ES013 Gesture control of drone using a motion controller (IEEE -2016)
ES014 Controller Area Network Assisted Grid Synchronization of a Micro grid With Renewable Energy Sources and Storage (IEEE -2016)
ES015 A Real-Time Embedded System for Monitoring of Cargo Vehicles, Using Controller Area Network (CAN) (IEEE -2016)
ES016 A Wearable Device for Continuous Detection and Screening of Epilepsy during Daily Life (IEEE -2016)
ES017 Design and Development of Embedded based System for Monitoring Industrial and Environmental Parameters for Analyzing the Health of Human beings (IEEE -2016)
ES018 Review of Automatic Detection and control of Disease for Grape Field (IEEE -2016)
ES019 Automated Sensor Network for Monitoring and Detection of Impurity in Drinking Water System (IEEE -2016)
ES020 Embedded Voice Controlled Computer for Visually Impaired and Physically Disabled People Using Arm Processor (IEEE -2016)
ES021 Embedded with wireless tracking system for fitness IEEE 2016
ES022 Smart control home area network using embedded IEEE 2016
ES023 Wireless smart classroom using embedded technology IEEE 2016
ES024 A smart embedded technology system to monitor electricity theft IEEE 2016
ES025 Wireless ARM-Based Automatic Meter Reading & control system (WAMRCS) (IEEE-2015)
ES026 A brain computer interface based vehicle destination selection system using p300 and SSVEP signals (IEEE Feb 2015)
ES027 A Novel Biometric Approach for Human Identification and Verification Using Eye Blinking Signal (IEEE-2015)
ES028 RFID Technology for Continuous Monitoring of Physiological Signals in Small Animals (IEEE-2015)
ES029 Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance and Stolen Vehicle Detection (IEEE-2015)
ES030 Smart home for elderly care, based on Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE-2015)
ES031 Design and implementation of water environment monitoring system using GSM Technology (IEEE-2015)
ES032 Visual surveillance using absolute difference motion detection (IEEE-2015)
ES033 Wireless color sensing arm robot (IEEE-2015)
ES034 Zigbee-based irrigation system for home gardens (IEEE-2015)
ES035 RFID-based system for school children transportation safety enhancement (IEEE-2015)
ES036 Driver Behavior Profiling Using Smart phones: A Low-Cost Platform for Driver Monitoring (IEEE-2015)
ES037 A Self-Powering Wireless Environment Monitoring System Using Soil Energy (IEEE-2015)
ES038 GSM Based Voice Response System for Wireless Load Control and Monitoring (IEEE-2015)
ES039 Implementation of an in campus fire alarm system using Zigbee (IEEE-2015)
ES040 An Implantable RFID Sensor Tag toward Continuous Glucose Monitoring (IEEE-2015)
ES041 Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data for Embedded Health Assessment (IEEE-2015)
ES042 Quantitative Evaluation of a Low-Cost Noninvasive Hybrid Interface Based on EEG and Eye Movement (IEEE-2015)
ES043 Wireless Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring in the Railway Industry: A Survey (IEEE-2015)
ES044 Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition system for unmanned vehicle in underwater Environment (IEEE-2015)
ES045 Photosensitive security system for theft detection and control using GSM technology (IEEE-2015)
ES046 Automatic Detection and Notification of Potholes and Humps on Roads to Aid Drivers (IEEE-2015)
ES047 Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection (IEEE-2015)
ES048 Integrated Sensing Systems and Algorithms for Solid Waste Bin State Management Automation (IEEE-2015)
ES049 Automatic identification of obstacles and crack sensing scheme in rail tracking system (IJARECE Jan 2015)
ES050 An embedded system in passenger car for road safety (IEEE-2015)
ES051 Backscattering Neural Tags for Wireless Brain-Machine Interface Systems (IEEE-2015)
ES052 Design for visually impaired to work at Industry using RFID technology (IEEE-2015)
ES053 WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings (IEEE-2015)
ES054 Integrated All Electrical Pulse Wave Velocity and Respiration Sensors Using Bio-Impedance (IEEE-2015)
ES055 Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair (IEEE-2015)
ES056 Sensor based identification system for train collision avoidance - IEEE 2015
ES057 Leak detection, size estimation and localization in pipe flows - IEEE2015
ES058 Driver gaze tracking and eyes off the road detection system IEEE 2015
ES059 Automatic detection and notification of potholes and humps on roads to aid drivers (IEEE Aug 2015)
ES060 Digital fuel level indicator in two-wheeler along with distance to zero indicators (IOSR-JMCE April 2014)
ES061 Implementation of BLDC motor based water pump for automotive vehicle (IJES June 2015)
ES062 Innovative railway track surveying with sensor and controlled by wireless communication (IEEE May 2013)
ES063 Integrated communication technology for supervisory control and data acquisition system of PV power station
ES064 Maximum power point tracking algorithms for photovoltaic applications
ES065 Intelligent management and control of electrical loads using microcontroller-based embedded systems
ES066 Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring: A Review (IEEE-2015)
ES067 Integrated communication technology for supervisory control and data acquisition system of PV power station (IEEE 2012)
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