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ID Project Title Action
MC001 Automated Sensor Network For Monitoring and Detection of Impurity In Drinking Water System (IEEE -2016)
MC002 Crack detection system for railway track by using ultrasonic and PIR sensor (International Jurnals-2014)
MC003 Design of battery-super capacitors combination in uninterruptible power supply (ups) (International Jurnals-2014)
MC004 Simulation of SPWM Control Method for UPS System (International Jurnals-2014)
MC005 Oil well Health Monitoring and Control Based on Sensor Network (OPUs) (IEEE-2014)
MC006 A Zero-Crossing Noise Filter for Driving Synchronous Rectifiers of LLC Resonant Converter (IEEE-2014)
MC007 A microcontroller based stout robot with automatic crack detection in railway tracks using LED-LDR assembly (International Jurnals-2014)
MC008 Control Scheme of Z-Source Inverter Based BLDC Motor Drive System Using Modified Pulse Width Modulation Technique (International Jurnals-2014)
MC009 Z – Source Inverter Using Renewable Energy System (International Jurnals-2014)
MC010 Low cost and high efficiency Smart HEMS by using Zigbee with MPPT techniques (International Jurnals-2014)
MC011 Monitoring Wind Turbine Using Wi-Fi Network for Reliable Communication (International Jurnals-2014)
MC012 Reliable Wireless Vehicle Detection using Magnetic Sensor and Distance Sensor (International Jurnals-2014)
MC013 Single-Stage Multistring PV Inverter with an Isolated High-Frequency Link and Soft-Switching Operation (IEEE-2014)
MC014 Innovative railway track surveying with sensors and controlled by wireless communication (International Jurnals-2014)
MC015 Circuit Design and Power Consumption Analysis of Wireless Gas Sensor Nodes: One-Sensor Verses two-sensor Approach (IEEE- 2014)
MC016 Residential Micro Grid Scheduling based on Smart Meters data and Temperature Dependent thermal load Modeling (IEEE -2014)
MC017 Power Line Impedance Estimation at FCC Band based on Intelligent home Appliances Status Detection Algorithm through their individual Energy and Impedance Signature (IEEE- 2014)
MC018 Micro Power Design of a Fully Autonomous Energy Harvesting Circuit for Arrays of Piezoelectric transducers (IEEE -2014)
MC019 Autonomous Appliance Scheduling for Household Energy Management (IEEE - 2014)
MC020 Measurement of Speed and Calibration of Tachometers using Rotating Magnetic Field (IEEE -2014)
MC021 Global Maximum Power Point Tracking of Flexible Photo Voltaic Modules (IEEE - 2014)
MC022 Simplified Reactive Power Control for Single Phased Grid-connected Photo Voltaic Inverters (IEEE - 2014)
MC023 developments of the in-home display systems for residential energy monitoring (ieee Aug 2013)
MC024 A novel approach based on finite-state machines with fuzzy transitions for nonintrusive home appliance monitoring (IEEE may 2014)
MC025 A distributed algorithm of appliance scheduling for home energy management system (IEEE Jan 2014)
MC026 Eye tracking and head movement detection: a state-of-art survey (IEEE Nov 2013)
MC027 Advance technique for soil moisture content based automatic motor pumping for agriculture land purpose (IJVES Sep 2013)
MC028 Android based LPG detecting robot with wireless voice transmission.
MC029 Design and implementation of energy data collection system using wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) module and current transformer
MC030 IVRS based Students Mark Annunciation for their Parents
MC031 Automated monitoring and control system for shrimp farms based on embedded system and wireless sensor network.
MC032 Photo voltaic power incremented aided incremental conductance MPPT with two phase tracking.
MC033 Collision detection system for vehicles in hilly and dense fog affected area to generate collision alerts
MC034 Attendance System Using NFC Technology and Embedded Camera Device on Mobile Phone Closed-set Speaker Identification in Speech Gateways
MC035 Uncertainty-aware household appliance scheduling considering dynamic electricity pricing in smart home.
MC036 Voice based room light and fan controlling system for physically challenged people
MC037 A power sensor tag with interference reduction for electricity monitoring of two wire household appliances
MC038 Renewable energy management system in home appliance
MC039 Sensor less Operation of Brushless DC Motor Drive using Back EMF Technique
MC040 Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train
MC041 Design and Performance Enhancements in Communication-Based Train Control Systems with Coordinated Multipoint Transmission and Reception
MC042 Gesture recognition system for wheelchair control using a depth sensor.
MC043 Visual analysis of Eye state and head pose for driver alertness monitoring.
MC044 Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Rescue System
MC045 Environmental Condition Monitoring System for the Industries
MC046 Visual Surveillance Using Absolute Difference Motion Detection System
MC047 Android based home automation with fan speed control.
MC048 Automatic Irrigation System Using Internet of Things
MC049 Android based password based door lock system of industrial applications.
MC050 Bus Identification System For Visually Impaired People
MC051 Analysis and design of a push–pull quasi-resonant boost power factor corrector
MC052 A study on automatic dual axis solar tracker system
MC053 An embedded real time remote control system for home network
MC054 Child activity recognition based on cooperative fusion model of a tri axial accelerometer and a barometric pressure sensor
MC055 Automatic attendance monitoring and Light ON/OFF system
MC056 Experimental study in Switching of solar cell using Microcontroller
MC057 RFID based identification of ATM card loss
MC058 Moving Person Place (MPP) Detecting System – Micro control Moving Person Place (MPP) Detecting System
MC059 A PID Controller for Real Time D.C Motor Speed Control
MC060 Automatic Shopping & Billing in Super Market
MC061 Shoe Size measuring equipment using ultrasonic waves
MC062 Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile
MC063 Android based hand gesture based robot control using MEMS technology.
MC064 Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformers with Auto Protection
MC065 Automatic head light dim-bright controller and engine over heating alarm
MC066 Electronic cradle
MC067 Solar power measuring parameters
MC068 Density and priority based traffic control system using RFID
MC069 Density based traffic signal system using microcontroller
MC070 Design of wireless optical access system using led
MC071 Development of a prototype underground cable fault detector
MC072 Integrated communication technology for supervisory control and data acquisition system of PV power station
MC073 Automatic vehicle over speed accident alert system
MC074 Restaurant monitoring system
MC075 Monitoring wind turbine parameter
MC076 Microcontroller based automatic medicine taking system
MC077 Automatic gear shifting using microcontroller
MC078 Fault detection in distribution system
MC079 Hand gesture based wheel chair movement control for the disabled using (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) MEMS technology
MC080 Autonomous Guide Cane for blind or visually impaired travelers using IR
MC081 Head movement controlled car driving system to assist the physically challenged
MC082 DTMF based human less boat control for ocean research applications
MC083 Real Time Clock based industrial automation using Dallas RTC and I2C protocol using Microcontroller unit
MC084 Over speed & unauthorized vehicle detection using IR based speed sensors
MC085 Autonomous Solar Powered Irrigation System
MC086 Implementation of Solar inverter for home / garden / street light applications
MC087 HMM based human fall detection & Prediction method using tri-axial accelerometer.
MC088 Implementation of hi-tech agricultural solar fence security with soil humidity based automatic irrigation and Voice Announcement alert on PIR live human detection
MC089 Jogger bench using PWM Technique and H-Bridge with person fall detection & prevention
MC090 Loco-pilot operated voice based station announcement system for alerting passengers in the train
MC091 Low cost and reliable wireless communication system for monitoring a photovoltaic source
MC092 Design and implementation of a wireless remote data acquisition system for mobile applications
MC093 Design of reverse search car system for large parking lot based on NFC technology
MC094 Solar based mobile charger for rural areas (Charge your mobile anywhere with sunlight) with battery voltage analyzer using Microcontroller.
MC095 Wireless fall sensor with GPS location for monitoring the elderly
MC096 Mems based assistance for physically challenging people
MC097 Automatic medicine reminder with RTC interfacing using microcontroller and LCD
MC098 High sensitive IR based Unmanned Railway Gate Control
MC099 EEPROM Based Prepaid energy meter with auto cut off on no balance
MC100 Intelligent self-tripping power supply with auto power off on lamp load failure
MC101 Design and Implementation of a Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System
MC102 Real-time activity recognition and fall detection system
MC103 Automatic Vehicle over Speed Indication and Controlling System
MC104 Wheel chair operated by voice and hand
MC105 Automatic multiple transformer fault detection and production system
MC106 Coin Based Mobile Phone Charger
MC107 An interactive RFID based bracelet for Airport luggage tracking system.
MC108 Microcontroller Based Prepaid card for petrol bunk
MC109 Automatic human guided shopping trolley with smart shopping system
MC110 Automatic weighing of milk using load cell
MC111 Bi-directional visitor counter light on off controller using microcontroller
MC112 Capacitive rain sensor for automatic wiper control
MC113 Coin based universal mobile battery charger (IOSRJEN June 2012)
MC114 RFID based ignition control system for vehicles
MC115 Android based fire fighting robot with high pressure water sprinkler.
MC116 Wireless power theft monitoring system and indication at local substations
MC117 Image based password authentication for security system
MC118 Automatic pollution detection and monitoring system using carbon sensors
MC119 Distance calculation for underground cable fault
MC120 Ultrasonic based Vehicle Parking Guidance System
MC121 Automatic steering control system for Automobile
MC122 Ultra-sonic and voice based walking for blind people
MC123 Solar power parameter calculator (IJESI May 2013)
MC124 Mems based smart and secure home automation and home appliances control
MC125 Ethernet based home/industrial automation and controlling system
MC126 Bidirectional rotation of Single phase induction motor using remote control
MC127 Vehicle Accident Prevention Using Assistant Braking System
MC128 Smart Transport Database Management System
MC129 Light Weight Access Control System for Constrained IOT Devices
MC130 Automatic touch Screen based Vehicle Driving System
MC131 Digital locking system (Password) for two wheeler
MC132 Vehicle Safety Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue using Eye Blink Sensor
MC133 Power production measurement & monitoring in windmill using GSM
MC134 Automatic Moisture and Light control System for Garden
MC135 Accelerometer based accident detection system
MC136 Involuntary toll gate system for vehicle traffic management
MC137 Efficient electricity energy management system control by GSM & RFID
MC138 Android based digital heart beat rate and temperature monitoring system
MC139 Prepaid card for Electronic Bus fair system
MC140 Automatic vehicle Accident information system
MC141 Solar based LED street lighting with gradual charging and alternate switching
MC142 Microcontroller based windmill monitoring using internet
MC143 Wireless Theatre Ticket Vending System using RFID
MC144 PIR based human focus light movement
MC145 Automatic power factor controlling system
MC146 MPPT control strategy for wind energy conversion based on RBF network
MC147 Design and analysis of a collision avoidance system for the visually impaired
MC148 Signal transmission by galvanic coupling through the human body
MC149 Design and implementation of load cell based fuel level measurement
MC150 Automatic Gas leakage detection and auto dialing
MC151 Driver Fatigue Accident Prevention using Eye Blink Sensor
MC152 Microcontroller Based Magnetically levitated train/Aero plane
MC153 Digital fuel Level & tyre pressure indication system
MC154 Vehicle tracking using acoustic & view sensors
MC155 Wireless Sensor Node to detect dangerous Gas Pipeline
MC156 Microcontroller based wireless energy meter
MC157 Microcontroller based carbon monoxide level warning system
MC158 Automatic signal Indicator for Vehicles in Hairpin Bend
MC159 Automatic load sharer for transformer
MC160 Wireless gesture recognition system using MEMS accelerometer
MC161 Automatic Traffic Controller for Ambulance and VIP Vehicles
MC162 Simulation of Hybrid excitation Synchronous machines
MC163 Automatic Electronic Bus Fare System
MC164 Automatic station alert system in train
MC165 Automated restaurant for efficient maintenance
MC166 Embedded based railway track discontinuity detection system
MC167 Intelligent fuzzy control guided vehicle with collision prevention
MC168 Vehicle safety system with fuel and alcohol detection and indication
MC169 Involuntary speed control for sensitive zones.
MC170 Digital energy meter with voice annunciation
MC171 Smart public buses information system
MC172 Automatic auditorium controlling system
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