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ID Project Title Action
AG001 Fabrication of Manual Lawn Mover
AG002 Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine
AG003 Electricity and Water Pumping System using Wind Mill
AG004 Fabrication of motor less weed cutter
AG005 Pesticide sprayer using quad copter
AG006 Fabrication of groundnut thruster
AG007 Pedal Operated Agricultural Water pumping system
AG008 Fabrication of Automatic Lawn Mower
AG009 Design & Fabrication of engine operated tiller cultivator
AG010 Fruit ripener for farmers
AG011 Fabrication of Mechanical Seed crushing machine
AG012 Fabrication of Solar water fountain
AG013 Agricultural multipurpose robot
AG014 Experimental setup on Gasifier
AG015 Solar operating automatic seed sowing machine
AG016 Fabrication of Seeds Sprayer
AG017 Areca nut tree climbing and cutting robot
AG018 Pendulum based water pumping system
AG019 Automatic Ginger cutting, feeding and drying machine
AG020 Fabrication of Groundnut Harvester
AG021 Fabrication of Low cost sugarcane harvester
AG022 Fabrication of Rubber tree tapping machine
AG023 Fabrication of Groundnut shelling machine
AG024 Fabrication of Maize de-Husker
AG025 Fabrication of Laminar flow water fountain
AG026 Design and fabrication of hand operated fertilizer blender
AG027 Fabrication of Sun flower harvesting machine
AG028 Bio-diesel extraction from waste plastic material
AG029 Fabrication of Multipurpose seed shower
AG030 Solar operated automatic seed sowing Machine
AG031 Pneumatic ground driller
AG032 Fabrication of low cost harvesting machine
AG033 Hybrid flour mixing machine
AG034 Viability of used sunflower oil as a substitute for diesel
AG035 Fabrication of biomass briquetting machine
AG036 Fabrication of beans Sheller machine
AG037 Fabrication of automatic oil mill mechanism
AG038 Fabrication of Multi utility agricultural vehicle
AG039 Tree branch cutting machine
AG040 Fabrication of Semi-automatic Weed remover in sugarcane farm
AG041 Automatic Fault egg sorting machine
AG042 Fabrication of Paddy harvesting and threshing machine
AG043 Pneumatic scissor jack for loading vegetables to lorry
AG044 Fabrication of coconut tree sprayer
AG045 Fabrication of Banana fiber extracting machine
AG046 Rear wheel steering for trailer trucks
AG047 Design and development of natural vegetables/fruits Preservator
AG048 Automatic Water level Sensing Crane for Agricultural Pump
AG049 Solar grass cutter with automatic tracking
AG050 Fabrication of Automated gardener
AG051 AFabrication of pepper thresher machine
AG052 Agricultural Paddy Cleaning System by using Solar Power
AG053 Universal cutter (specially for coconut and areca nut)
AG054 Fabrication of paddy cleaner for agro seeds
AG055 Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System for Garden
AG056 Fabrication of Role Type Agro Sprayer
AG057 Solar seed Dryer with Auto Tracking
AG058 Automatic seeds weighing and Packing Machine
AG059 GPS Guided Modular design Mobile robot platform for agricultural Applications
AG060 Semi Automated Areca Nut Collecting conveyor
AG061 Pedal cranking mechanism for paddy wheat threshing Machine
AG062 Fabrication of Rotary Kaller
AG063 Coconut tree climbing and cutting machine
AG064 Power generation from organic waste of college canteen
AG065 Automatic Coconut cutting Machine
AG066 Fabrication of briquette burner
AG067 Design & fabrication of plant trimmer
AG068 Bio fuel extractor from Bio Oil
AG069 Hydraulic 3 axis Modern Trailer for Agriculture
AG070 Fabrication of Solar vegetable Air dryer
AG071 Fabrication of Solar Agro Sprayer
AG072 Agricultural Motor Pump Running using Solar Power
AG073 Solar enhanced energy efficient food processor
AG074 Fabrication of Coconut Dehusking machine
AG075 Portable vegetable cutter and slicer
AG076 Mobile automatic rubber tapping system
AG077 Fabrication of coconut scraping machine
AG078 Solar cabinet seed drier integrated with biomass
AG079 Fabrication of Solar Birds Scarer
AG080 Water pumping system using Wind Power
AG081 Fabrication of Mechanical seed thruster
AG082 Fabrication of decorticator seed kernel extractor
AG083 Motor operated vegetable cutting machine
AG084 Fabrication of Centrifugal Pump apparatus
AG085 Fabrication of Multi Agri cutter
AG086 Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
AG087 Fabrication of vegetable slicing Machine
AG088 Fully Automated potato Chip Slice making machine
AG089 Fabrication of Solar Seeds Sprayer
AG090 Gas Converted Power Sprayer
AG091 Fabrication of Plant transplenter
AG092 Fabrication of Plant cutter
AG093 Fabrication of Tomato grader
AG094 Design & development of natural vegetable & fruits preservator
AG095 Pneumatic press for coconut pith blocking machine
AG096 Fabrication of Solar Seed Dryer
AG097 Solar Powered Agricultural Water Pumping System with Auto Tracking
AG098 Automatic guided farm land cleaning machine
AG099 Roller type automatic agro sprayer
AG100 Solar seed dryer with multiple PCM
AG101 Pneumatic 3 Axis Modern Trailer for agriculture
AG102 Automated solar farm
AG103 Design and implementation of solar bldc motor pumping system
AG104 Automatic seed sowing machine for planetnursery
AG105 Coconut dehuskingmachine(model)
AG106 Virgin coconut oil making machine
AG107 Agro-bike
AG108 Tender coconut trimming machine
AG109 Dual powered multi-purpose solar agricultural sprayer
AG110 Sugarcane harvesting machine(with engine)
AG111 Tree mover
AG112 Wood Burning Stove with Solar
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