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ID Project Title Action
JA001 Experimental investigation on ci engine performance fueled with biodiesel and its blends
JA002 Experimental investigation of rhombus shaped grooves on piston crown of a single cylinder 4-stroke di diesel engine
JA003 Daily management process for reduce cost of quality in automobile industry
JA004 Review on methods of homogeneous charge preparation for hcci mode engine
JA005 Effect of compression ratio and rpm on the performance and emission characteristic of lpg fuelled si engine
JA006 Performance improvement of a diesel engine fuelled by cashew nut shell oil on blending with oxygenates - an experimental study
JA007 Fuzzy control of vehicle active suspension system
JA008 Modelling and optimization of electromagnetic type active control engine mount system
JA009 Retarder used as braking system in heavy vehicles—a review
JA010 Alternative transmission system for 4 wheelers
JA011 Design and implementation of kinetic energy recovery system (kers) in bicycle
JA012 New technologies used in automotive exhaust systems, review
JA013 Waste plastic fuel used in petrol engine
JA014 Articulated vehicle systems
JA015 Cylinder deactivation on two different cubic capacity engine
JA016 Fabrication of biogas –petrol dual fuel in si engine
JA017 Advanced passive suspension with inerter devices and optimization design for vehicle oscillation
JA018 smart electronic fuel injection system using magnetic fuel vaporizer
JA019 Experiment on multi blend biodiesel using jatropha and pongamia biodiesel on single cylinder diesel engine with base line of diesel fuel
JA020 Automotive product design and development of car dashboard using quality function deployment
JA021 Design of gas carburetor for producer gas engine operated in single fuel mode
JA022 A conventional diesel engine running in dual fuel mode with diesel &lpg
JA023 Experimental investigations on high grade semi adiabatic diesel engine with cotton seed biodiesel
JA024 New 5 stroke engine with splitting concept
JA025 Fabrication of biogas –petrol dual fuel in si engine
JA026 Biodiesel applications as fuels for low heat rejection engine
JA027 Design and development of prototype of magnetic engine using neodymium iron boron (nd2fe14b) as magnetic material
JA028 Air powered engine
JA029 Effects of preheating of hone oil (ho) on injection system, performance and emission of a diesel engine
JA030 Design and fabrication of radio controlled car
JA031 An experimental study of flow through a dump combustor model with inlet swirl
JA032 Development of multi cylinder crd-i engine to meet euro vi emission norms
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