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ID Project Title Action
JM001 Implementation of taguchi methodology for defect reduction in manufacturing industry- a case study
JM002 A review on agile manufacturing system
JM003 A survey on switching median filters for impulse noise removal
JM004 The influence of abrasive water jet machining parameters on various responses - a review
JM005 Recent development in wire edm
JM006 Resistance spot weld ability of dissimilar materials in 1mm thick sheet
JM007 Review of effective methodology for optimization of pump discharge conditions to enhance operational efficiency
JM008 Modular relative Jacobian for combined 3-arm parallel manipulators
JM009 Design and development for spot welding jig for window lower and upper of middle block in ss ac emu
JM010 Design and the operating of cyclone separator - a review
JM011 Initiation and enhancement of precipitation formation by vortex mechanism
JM012 Advancement in micro-manufacturing using edm and its applications
JM013 Design and fabrication of four bar mechanism for wheels for climbing
JM014 Hybrid force-position control for manipulators under transitions free to constrained motion
JM015 Visual servo control for balancing a ball-plate system
JM016 Cooperative object transportation using virtual electric dipole field
JM017 Optimization of camera-based field of view
JM018 Machining of unidirectional glass fiber reinforced polymers (ud-gfrp) composites
JM019 Design of material handling equipment: belt conveyor system for crushed biomass wood using v merge conveying system
JM020 Design and control of small Quad copter system with motor closed loop speed control
JM021 Design and development of tool kit for team performance
JM022 A 4-dof upper limb exoskeleton for stroke rehabilitation: kinematics mechanics and control
JM023 Spring-back in multi-point discrete die v-bending
JM024 Performance evaluation of bus depots using ahp
JM025 A critical review on kinematics of hydraulic excavator backhoe attachment
JM026 Encompassing rotary-draw-tube bending process with sheet metal rolling by three-roll-push-bending
JM027 Friction stir welding
JM028 Performance improvement of centrifugal slurry pump using additives
JM029 Design and development of an electrochemical spark micro manufacturing equipment
JM030 Vertical material handling system
JM031 Dexterity indices of 6-ups parallel manipulator
JM032 4-wheel steering system mechanism using dpdt switch
JM033 Smart vehicle and smart signboard system with zonal speed regulation
JM034 Design and fabrication of double acting winch type elevator
JM035 Water-pump driving mechanism using an orthogonal double-slider joint
JM036 Novel and eco-friendly ant chalk and mosquito mat from coconut shell oil
JM037 Design of adaptive multi tool arbor attachment
JM038 Force isotropy of three-limb spatial parallel manipulator
JM039 Multi-link structure for rear independent suspension of heavy vehicle
JM040 Elevation system for 3-tier sleeper coaches
JM041 Experimental study of high speed cnc machining quality by noncontact surface roughness monitoring
JM042 Development of portable rehabilitation device using flexible spherical actuator with built-in embedded controller and valves
JM043 design and fabrication of non-dust paper wood cutter
JM044 Parameter optimization in vertical machining center cnc for en45 (steel alloy) using response surface methodology
JM045 Self-learning vehicle detection and tracking from uavs
JM046 Self-powered pesto–sprayer
JM047 Design and fabrication of disc type hybrid turbine-pump
JM048 Mechanically operated wheelchair convertible stretcher
JM049 Scope for design & development of 2r edge trimming mechanism & tool adjustment
JM050 Design of special purpose machine head to improve the production of engine block
JM051 Electromagnetic jigsaw: metal-cutting by combining electromagnetic and mechanical forces
JM052 Smart street lighting system based on sensors using plc and scada
JM053 Design of three axis pick and place mechanism for friction welding machine to reduce the time cycle and to increase productivity
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