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JR001 Drawbot: a mobile robot for image scanning and scaled printing
JR002 Robotic crack detection and classification via adaboost-rvm implementation
JR003 Mobile robot coordination using fear modeling algorithm
JR004 A discriminative approach for people detection using color camera for mobile robot platforms
JR005 Instrument state recognition and tracking for effective control of robotized laparoscopic systems
JR006 Semantic expansion of auto-generated scene descriptions to solve robotic tasks
JR007 Extended kalman filter based mobile robot localization in indoor fire environments
JR008 Position and force control of tele-operation system based on phantom Omni robots
JR009 The tilt sensor &rfid based wireless robotic arm using multi-microcontrollers
JR010 Telecontrol of automerlin robot by employing fuzzy logic
JR011 Proper Jacobian pseudo inverse neural network matrix method applied to robot inverse kinematics controlling
JR012 Three d.o.f in a single spherical joint realized by Omni-wheels for industrial robots
JR013 Automatic land mine detection and sweeper robot using microcontroller
JR014 Development of mobile robot slam based on ros
JR015 Robust control for the motion five fingered robot gripper
JR016 Decentralized multi-robot cooperative localization with extended information-weighted con-sensus filter
JR017 An object exploration strategy for com and mass determination for robot grasping
JR018 Automatic docking with obstacle avoidance of a differential wheel mobile robot
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