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ID Project Title Action
JN001 Car runs by solar energy
JN002 Fabrication of a solar paper drier for small-scale paper sheet production
JN003 Power generation from pressure reduction in the natural gas supply chain
JN004 Performance of horizontal water-in-glass evacuated tube solar collectors
JN005 Preparation of conducting carbon from rice husk char
JN006 Water spray cooling technique applied on a photovoltaic panel: the performance response
JN007 A review on solar tunnel greenhouse drying system
JN008 Converting sound energy into electricity using piezoelectric material
JN009 Foot step power generation
JN010 application of piezoelectric device in automotive control going towards hybridization
JN011 Production of domestic hot water with solar thermal collectors
JN012 Solar distillation system
JN013 Study on water model of solar energy and vacuum glass grain drying equipment
JN014 Experimental study of a single basin solar still with water cooling of the glass cover
JN015 An experimental study on box-type solar cooker
JN016 Performance evaluation of a solar still coupled to an evacuated tube collector type solar water heater
JN017 Theoretical and experimental studies on stepped solar still
JN018 Use of vibration energy for charging electric car
JN019 Design of fixed dome domestic bio digester for degradation of kitchen waste using mesophilic&thermophilic reactions (anaerobic)
JN020 Environment friendly solar roof top plant
JN021 Low expense vertical axis wind turbine using permanent magnets
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