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JT001 Magneto hydrodynamic mixed convection flow and boundary layer control of a nanofluids with heat generation/absorption effects
JT002 Cpu cooling of desktop computer by parallel miniature heat pipes
JT003 Thermodynamic study of diffusion absorption refrigeration system with organic fluid
JT004 Thermo acoustic refrigeration system setup
JT005 Experimental study of heat transfer characteristics of r744/r134a in a smooth horizontal tube
JT006 Design of shell and tube heat exchanger using ant colony optimization technique
JT007 Experimental study on a domestic refrigerator using LPG as a refrigerant
JT008 Industrial waste heat used in typical thermal power plant
JT009 Effect of (mgo) nanofluids on heat transfer characteristics for integral finned tube heat exchanger
JT010 An experimental study of energy in a corrugated plate heat exchanger
JT011 Heat transfer augmentation in a plate-fin heat exchanger: a review
JT012 To conduct the performance test on chiller unit by using nanofluids cooled condenser
JT013 Heat transfer enhancement using dimple surfaces under natural convection-an experimental study
JT014 Natural convection heat and mass transfer in a rectangular porous cavity having partially thermally active walls
JT015 Critical assessment of literature in the field of enhanced heat transfer techniques
JT016 Study of heat transfer on broken arc roughness elements on the absorber plate for solar energy based heater
JT017 Waste heat recovery to increase boiler efficiency using bagasse as fuel
JT018 Energy efficient multiproduct cold storage system design
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