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EI001 Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights using microcontroller
EI002 Embedded Design for DC Motor Speed Control Unit
EI003 Auto Power Supply Control System from 4 Different Sources u(Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter) to Ensure No Break Power using PIC controller
EI004 Microcontroller based thyristor Controlled Power for Induction Motor
EI005 ZVS Based Lamp Life Extender using microcontroller
EI006 Microcontroller based thyristor Firing Angle Controller Based Industrial Battery Charger
EI007 Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker using 16F877A
EI008 Design of Sensing Soil Moisture Content by Auto Irrigation System
EI009 Automatic Star Delta Starter for Induction Motor Using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer
EI010 Remote Control Device Induction Motor with Bidirectional Rotation
EI011 Embedded based Precise Digital Temperature Control
EI012 PC Based Electrical Load Control using microcontroller
EI013 RF based Domestic Appliances Control with 16F877A
EI014 Password Based Circuit Breaker using microcontroller
EI015 Programmable Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department
EI016 Embedded based Ultrasonic Object Detection
EI017 Automatic Street Light which Works Based on the Vehicle Movement
EI018 Wireless Information Conversion of Tempered Energy Meter to Concerned Authority
EI019 Programmable Electrical Load Survey Power Meter
EI020 Minimizing Penalty in Industrial Power Consumption by Engaging APFC Unit
EI021 Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage beyond Acceptable Range
EI022 Auto Intensity Controlled Solar LED Street Light
EI023 Embedded based Remote Industrial Plant System Using SCADA
EI024 Movement Sensed Automatic Door Opening System
EI025 DTMF Based Load Control System using microcontroller
EI026 PIC Based Synchronized Traffic Signals
EI027 Soft Catching Pick N Place Gripper using PIC controller
EI028 Embedded based Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
EI029 Closed Loop Control for a Brushless DC Motor to Run at the Exactly Entered Speed
EI030 GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System
EI031 Microcontroller based Induction Motor Protection System
EI032 Garage Door Opening System Controlled By DTMF Cell Phone
EI033 Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator using controller
EI034 Embedded based Non Contact Tachometer
EI035 RFID based attendance system
EI036 Line Following Robotic Vehicle Using Microcontroller
EI037 Wireless Power Transfer
EI038 Energy Meter Reading with Load Control Using GSM
EI039 Speed Control with RPM Display for BLDC Motor
EI040 Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor using microcontroller
EI041 Dish Positioning Control by RF Remote
EI042 Embedded based Hidden Active Cell Phone Detector
EI043 Railway Track Security System using controller
EI044 Sun Tracking Solar Panel using microcontroller
EI045 Embedded based IR Obstacle Detection to Actuate Load
EI046 PIC controller Based Automatic Dusk to Dawn
EI047 Thermistor Based Temperature Control using controller
EI048 Tripping Mechanism of Over Voltage or Under Voltage Systems using microcontroller
EI049 Incoming Phone Ring Light Flasher
EI050 Solar Power Charge Controller using microcontroller
EI051 Controller based wire Loop Breaking Alarm Signal
EI052 Touch Controlled Load Switch using microcontroller
EI053 Time Delay Based Relay Operated Load using microcontroller
EI054 Embedded based Precise Illumination Control of Lamp
EI055 Sine Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) using controller
EI056 Home Automation System Using Digital Control system
EI057 Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level Indicator using controller
EI058 PIC Controller Based Speed Synchronization of Motors in Industries
EI059 Pre Stampede Monitoring and Alarm System with PIC controller
EI060 Touch Screen Based Industrial Load Switching using controller
EI061 DC Motor Control with Four Quadrants using microcontroller
EI062 Detect Rash Driving Speed Checker System on Highways
EI063 Touch Screen Based Home Automation System
EI064 RF Based Home Automation System using microcontroller
EI065 Embedded based Sleep monitoring system
EI066 Optical locking system using microcontroller
EI067 Automatic petrol bunk using PIC16F877A
EI068 Embedded based Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle
EI069 Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System using microcontroller
EI070 Industries and Commercial Establishments with Power Saver system
EI071 Microcontroller Based Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations
EI072 Designing of Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management with Touch Screen
EI073 Embedded based Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
EI074 Electronic Soft Start for single Phase Induction Motor using controller
EI075 RFID Based Passport Details with LCD
EI076 Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller
EI077 Embedded based FM Controlled Robotic Vehicle
EI078 Automatic bell system for institutions using RTC and controller
EI079 GSM based controlled robotic vehicle using microcontroller
EI080 Pic microcontroller based device control and authentication by using RFID
EI081 Automatic Street lights ON with detecting vehicle movement with microcontroller
EI082 PIC based density based traffic signal system
EI083 Solar energy measurement system using microcontroller
EI084 Microcontroller based reversible D.C. Motor control
EI085 Moving message display PIC Microcontroller
EI086 Stepper motor control using microcontroller
EI087 Microcontroller based code lock using at 16F877A
EI088 Microprocessor-based home security system
EI089 Micro controller based temperature meter
EI090 Micro controller based heartbeat monitor
EI091 Ultrasonic rangefinder using PIC micro controller
EI092 Micro controller based pathfinder
EI093 Micro controller based robot.
EI094 Micro controller auto dialer using GSM
EI095 Micro controller based water lever indicator
EI096 Micro controller based wireless home automation
EI097 Digital clock with alarm using micro controller
EI098 Ultrasonic distance meter using microcontroller
EI099 Embedded based pre-paid car parking system
EI100 Multilevel car parking by microcontroller unit
EI101 Micro controller temperature meter
EI102 Infrared remote controller system using 16F877A
EI103 Ultrasonic movement detector by controller unit
EI104 Microcontroller based tachometer
EI105 Microcontroller based visitor counter
EI106 PWM control of dc motor using 16f877A
EI107 An intelligent ambulance car which control to traffic light
EI108 Pre-paid energy meter using microcontroller
EI109 Micro controller based line follower or tracing robot
EI110 Automated walking robot controlled by Microcontroller unit
EI111 Auto braking system using microcontroller
EI112 Automatic railway crossing gate controller
EI113 Accurate room temperature controller project
EI114 Automatic light intensity controller by external light sensing
EI115 Vehicle movement based street lights with external light sensing
EI116 Embedded based Alcohol sensing alert with engine locking project
EI117 Prepaid energy meter with theft detection using microcontroller
EI118 Pc based home automation using controller
EI119 Embedded based human speed detection system
EI120 Smart wireless battery charging with charge monitor project
EI121 Embedded based Fully automated solar grass cutter
EI122 Microcontroller based Machine overheat detection with alert
EI123 Home and industrial safety using fire and gas detection system
EI124 RF controlled spy robot with night vision camera
EI125 GSM based industry protection system
EI126 Automated visitor counter with LCD display
EI127 Vehicle theft detection/notification with remote engine locking
EI128 Android controlled automobile
EI129 Home automation using android
EI130 Embedded based Voice controlled robotic vehicle
EI131 Automated elevator with overload alert system using controller
EI132 Accurate room temperature controller using controller
EI133 GSM based weather reporting (temperature/light/humidity)
EI134 Fingerprint authenticated device switcher
EI135 Fingerprint based exam hall authentication
EI136 GSM Based Home Automation
EI137 Remote Controlled Automobile Using RF and controller
EI138 Electronic Notice Board Controlled By GSM
EI139 Embedded based Rain sensing automatic car wiper
EI140 Wireless red signal alerting for trains using PIC controller
EI141 GSM stepper motor speed & direction controller
EI142 Embedded based Fingerprint voting system
EI143 Motion based message conveyer for paralytic/disabled people
EI144 RF based secure door opener system with microcontroller
EI145 Billing system based on RFID
EI146 RFID based medicine expiry date finder
EI147 Power generation from dance hall stage using piezoelectric
EI148 Tsunami warning using embedded system
EI149 GSM patient health monitoring
EI150 Remote stepper motor controller system
EI151 Dam operation based on water level using microcontroller
EI152 Alcohol sensing display with alarm system using controller
EI153 Automatic unauthorized parking detector with SMS notification to owner
EI154 Embedded based RTC pump switcher
EI155 Ultrasonic blind walking stick using microcontroller
EI156 Fire plus hazardous gas detection and instant SMS alerting system
EI157 Remote controlled robotic arm using RF and controller
EI158 Android controlled robotic arm by PIC controller
EI159 LPG gas accident prevention with GSM alert
EI160 GSM based door Unlocked system
EI161 Auto lap time measurement system using controller
EI162 Embedded based SMS voting system
EI163 Prepaid electricity billing meter using LCD and controller
EI164 CNG/LPG gas leakage accident prevention system
EI165 Robotic vehicle with metal detection project
EI166 Programmable sequential load operation controlled by android application project
EI167 Car over speeding detection system by microcontroller
EI168 Android password based remote door opener system using controller
EI169 Android controlled remote password security
EI170 Robot controlled by android application
EI171 Security access control using RFID project
EI172 Home appliance control using android application project
EI173 Anti stampede monitoring and alarm unit using microcontroller
EI174 Attendance system based on RFID
EI175 Commercial power saver system using microcontroller
EI176 Industry power consumption penalty minimization using of pc unit project
EI177 Embedded based obstacle avoider robotic vehicle
EI178 Precise digital temperature controller using PIC 16F877A
EI179 Industry temperature control system by controller
EI180 Embedded based speech detector robotic vehicle control
EI181 Robotic arm vehicle controlled by touch screen display
EI182 Android controlled pick and place robotic arm vehicle project
EI183 GPS and GSM based advanced vehicle tracking system project
EI184 Monthly electricity billing display with bill SMS feature using microcontroller
EI185 Power meter billing plus load control using GSM and controller
EI186 Energy management system with programmable numbers using GSM
EI187 SMS controlled railway level gate control with programmable numbers
EI188 Embedded based Instant electric circuit breaker
EI189 Zero contact tachometer (speedometer) using PIC microcontroller
EI190 Power grid failure detection based on voltage and frequency variance detection
EI191 Microcontroller based 4 quadrant speed control system
EI192 Car parking project based on RFID
EI193 Embedded based car speed checker with led display
EI194 Anti Drowning System with Remote Alert using controller
EI195 Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System using microcontroller
EI196 Solar UPS system using microcontroller
EI197 GPS Vehicle Tracking & Theft Detection by microcontroller
EI198 Automated Car Parking With Empty Slot Detection
EI199 Android Antenna Positioning System
EI200 Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm using controller
EI201 Embedded based DC Motor Speed Control by Android
EI202 Talking alarm with own voice using controller
EI203 Embedded based motion detection by live body sensor
EI204 Android Circuit Breaker using PIC controller
EI205 Talking energy meter using microcontroller
EI206 Industry Process Automation Using Programmable Switching
EI207 Heart Attack Detection by Heart Beat Sensing using microcontroller
EI208 Low-cost voice-based room appliance controller for physically challenged
EI209 Energy saver for class rooms using IR sensor and controller
EI210 Helmet based vehicle safety system by PIC controller
EI211 Wireless transformer monitoring system
EI212 Embedded based digital drips monitor & alarm system
EI213 Patient monitoring system using microcontroller
EI214 Embedded based Pulse rate monitoring system
EI215 Fetal heart beat monitor using controller
EI216 Controller based Gas detecting robot
EI217 Configurable Medication Reminding System using RTC and controller
EI218 Electrical Load Controlled By PC using controller
EI219 Displaying Moving Message on Notice Board Using PC
EI220 Efficient Power Manager Project by controller
EI221 IR Based Obstacle Detection for Load Switching Project
EI222 AC Power Strength Controller System by microcontroller
EI223 Embedded based Irrigation System running on Solar Power
EI224 Embedded System to Measure Solar Power
EI225 Controlling Solar Energy Charge using PIC controller
EI226 Single Phase Induction Motor with Smooth Start using controller
EI227 Configurable Password Security System by controller
EI228 Supervisory Controlling plus Data Acquisition for Remote Industry
EI229 Embedded based Liquid Level Controller System without Contact
EI230 Closed Loop DC Motor Control to Run It at Exact Speed with controller
EI231 Remote Vehicle Control through Cell Phone
EI232 DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener
EI233 RPM Display for BLDC Motor with Speed Controller
EI234 Remote Controlled Induction Motor Controller
EI235 Patient Health Check Using Wireless Health Monitor
EI236 Microcontroller based ZVS Based 3 Stage Solid State Relay
EI237 Embedded based DC Motor Speed Controller
EI238 Extending Life of Lamps Using Zero Voltage Switching with controller
EI239 Auto Irrigation using soil moisture sensor and controller
EI240 Accident Identification and alerting project
EI241 Agricultural Robot Project using microcontroller
EI242 IR Lighting Controller system by PIC 16F877a
EI243 Wireless Surveillance Robot Controlled by PC
EI244 Controller based bike security anti theft system
EI245 Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion using controller
EI246 Early Flood Detection System based on microcontroller
EI247 Embedded based Audible thermometer
EI248 Handheld hill and mountain height measurement system
EI249 Automated urban drinking water supply control and theft detection
EI250 Ultrasonic Navigation for the Blind based on microcontroller
EI251 Fuel theft detection using microcontroller
EI252 Dusk to dawn controller using microcontroller
EI253 Sewage treatment plant by controller
EI254 Home Security using GSM and controller
EI255 Automatic Toll Collection system using controller
EI256 Design of a bus status identification system by microcontroller
EI257 An intelligent ambulance car which control to traffic light
EI258 Automatic railway crossing gate controller system using controller
EI259 Infrared burglar alarm with timer based on microcontroller
EI260 Embedded based Temperature controlled fan
EI261 Controller based School zone activator but not on holidays
EI262 Automated Water Pump with Dry Run Intimation using GSM
EI263 Automatic station alert system in trains using controller
EI264 Embedded based coin operated milk booth
EI265 Embedded based fall detection for patients
EI266 Solar charger for mobile devices using controller
EI267 Boundary detector for sailor using GPS and controller
EI268 Bag snatching alarm with RFID and PIC controller
EI269 Open sump alarm for homes and apartments using microcontroller
EI270 Blind stick with voice alert system using controller
EI271 Embedded based thickness measurement system using ultrasound
EI272 Power quality monitoring system using controller
EI273 Moisture control system using microcontroller
EI274 Power generation using mini windmill and monitoring system
EI275 Embedded based laptop theft identifier
EI276 Eye blink sensing and accident preventer using microcontroller
EI277 Vehicle key reminder using RF modules
EI278 Door bell flasher for the deaf using RF
EI279 Mobile phone sniffer with microcontroller
EI280 Digital drips monitor & alarm using controller
EI281 Embedded based Tea/coffee vending machine without model
EI282 Controller based object detection & vibration alert for blind
EI283 Light dim & dip control for auto mobile using controller
EI284 Arduino Based Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
EI285 Arduino Based Home Automation
EI286 Arduino Based Home Security System
EI287 Arduino Based Temperature Controller
EI288 Arduino Based Water Level Controller
EI289 RFID Access Control System by using microcontroller
EI290 RFID based Attendance System Embedded Projects
EI291 Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement
EI292 Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances in Embedded System Projects
EI293 Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Microcontroller and GSM
EI294 PWM based DC Motor Speed Control with Microcontroller
EI295 Sun Tracking Solar Panel using Stepper Motor and controller unit
EI296 Automatic Dialing to Any Telephone on Detecting Burglary
EI297 Automatic Door Opening System by Movement Sense using controller
EI298 Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter by using microcontroller
EI299 Wireless Power Driven Car or Train using controller
EI300 Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients
EI301 Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device
EI302 Electronic Voting Machine with PIC Microcontroller
EI303 Four Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller
EI304 GSM Based Energy Meter Reading by Load Control
EI305 Keypad based simple electronic lock with microcontroller
EI306 Microcontroller based Production of line monitoring system.
EI307 Unmanned toll taxi using RFID and microcontroller
EI308 Wireless bus information system for providing blind people
EI309 Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system.
EI310 Remote controlled AC/DC motor speed controlling system.
EI311 RFID based identification of ATM card loss using GSM and microcontroller.
EI312 Microcontroller based automatic railways signaling system.
EI313 Microcontroller based automatic moisture and light control system for garden.
EI314 Microcontroller based automatic power theft identifier.
EI315 Microcontroller based conveyor automation.
EI316 Microcontroller based building security system.
EI317 Microcontroller based digital password car parking system for apartment.
EI318 Microcontroller based digital locking system (password) for two wheeler
EI319 Microcontroller based gas leakage detecting and auto dialing.
EI320 Bus identification system for visually impaired people using RFID and controller
EI321 Automatic traffic controller for VIP vehicles and Ambulance
EI322 Remote distribution transformer monitoring and controlling system using FM
EI323 Automatic drunk and drive avoiding system for automobile
EI324 GSM based electrical appliances controlling system
EI325 Automatic vehicle over speed indication and controlling system
EI326 Microcontroller based automatic medicine announcement system
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